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Howard Johnson Hotel Macorix

Rating: Above average Phone: 809-529-2100 Website:
Location: Southeast Coast Fax: E-Mail:
City: San Pedro de Macoris Contact: Value for money: Excellent
Food: Above average Decor: Above average Service: Excellent
I spent one night here during carneval in February. Very impressive old world style hotel. 170 rooms. The location is perfect as it is located right on the Malecon. Great view of carneval. Rooms were large and comfortable. Service was excellent. Nice large pool. Nice disco which is popular with the locals. Located 35 minutes from Las Americas airport in Santo Domingo. $50 US per person double occupancy with meals included.
Author E-Mail: [email protected] Review date: 03/8/2005



The Bad

1. Salt water in the pipes (no joke)
2. Perpetual music from El Malecon next to the hotel, every night till the wee hours of the morning. Can't sleep unless you're on opposite side of the structure where the sound doesn't reach.
3. Pool is constantly full of bird excrement. Very unhealthy.
4. Outside buffet area perpetually invaded by hundreds of flies and mosquitoes.
5. Public bathroom pipes leak because the salt water in them has corroded the pipes. Only 1 faucet out of 3 working.
6. Tennis courts are falling apart.

The Good
1. Internet in most of the rooms.
2. Good to visit if you're there to party and don't want to pay a lot of money.
3. Awesome constant neverending party. Not conductive to rest but absolutely for partying.
4. If you want to brave the flies you will find food in the morning and evening. Just find someplace where the wind will scare off the bugs.
5. Good security, guards everywhere.
Author: Hotel Macorix Posted at 13:31 08/17/2010

The website is
Author: Alejandro Posted at 2:44 04/17/2009
Hotel Macorix is the worst hotel, I can really say that I've never seen something like that in my life. The wokers thought for some reason that we actually had to speak to them and if we didnt they comment about it, their the rudiest people people ever. The service is bad TERRIBLE....I also asked for some food, rice with chicken and the rice was burned and they didnt even give me chicken they gave me duck. Well, I asked for food again a week later and then I canceled the order and the people kept calling my room telling me I had to pay for the food because it was lareday in the computer, they were actually forcing me and I had a big argument with the lady.. Im like maybe you should wait until the person pay for the order to be processed in the computer. I DONOT RECOMMEND THIS HOTEL TO ANYBODY IF YOU'RE GOING TO SAN PEDRO I MEAN THIS IS THE ONLY DENCENT HOTEL THERE BUT ITS A PIECE OF SHIT, THERE IS NOTHING TOO SEE THERE ANYWAYS EXCEPT THE BASEBALL PLAYERS SAN PEDRO IS ONLY GOOD IN DECEMBER BUT I RECOMMEND YOU STAY IN A HOTEL IN THE CAPITAL AND GO TO SAN PEDRO WHEN U WANT BUT DONT STAY THERE.
Author: rosa Posted at 3:12 04/6/2009
Author: Mark Posted at 6:44 08/31/2008
perhaps the worst hotel I've been to in my life.
I paid for 1 month and left after 3 weeks due to the incredible incompetence of some of the people working there. Very low standards, some of the people at the lobby work with the concept that they're making you a favor when they give you a room to sleep in because your A/C isn't working and it's pouring water on the bed. I was here as a student, and basically, in 3 weeks I had to move 3 times. Note, I had been at this hotel 3 years ago for the same period of time, but then the student housing plan they have was taken off and we had to leave. I had hot water about 8 times in 21 days spent there. A/C was working in the room I was given the first day, but on the second day they told me: You have to move to another room, before this date, because we're renting the room you were given even though you paid for an entire month. Just totally fucking ludicrous service. I could go on and on, but things being what they are, screw it. Most students who come here, leave after the first month. Sadly, I was looking to stay here for about 2 years, but since every time something went wrong in my room, I was asked to move all my things to another room, not necessarily a better, one; when I was forced to move because they decided to rent the room that they had rented me already, I was given a room that had a smaller wardrobe, a smaller washroom, a smaller room as a whole and a worst view and a broken A/C and no hot water. Of course, I paid for 1 month, that is 4 weeks, left with actually 8 days already paid, and they told me they couldn't refund the 8 days I paid in advance. And also, the first night I got there, I was told that I had to pay as if I was a tourist, that is 40$, even though I had reserved from days before I had flown here and I had requested and was told I could use the student housing program. The following day, I was told that they had made a mistake, and that they shouldn't have charged me the 40$... now, did I get my money back? Considering all the shit I went through here... what do you guess happened... did I get my money back? Of course not. Now, as for the laundry service, I paid 60$, and they told me that for 1 month, I could bring 3 times/week my clothes to the laundry. 1st time I brought it, I got my clothes back 5 days after, 2nd time, I got them back 4 days after. The following time 3 days after, and the last time 4 days after. The food, the first week I was happy and thought it was good, then the second week I started seeing the same stuff again I saw the same fish once 4 days in a row; the same fish literally; the breakfast, listen well here it is; I can bet 20$ with anyone they'll find this if they go tomorrow to the hotel; why? because 21 days I spent there, every day had the same thing: Cantaloupe, Lechoza (don't know the English term for it), Pineapple, toast, ham and cheese. These things are religiously there. Still, even though the food was repetitive at times, some times it was great, I admit I enjoyed it at times; and the other thing I liked was the cleaning that was done very well. Now, if you can forget all the other things, you might enjoy paying aprox 750$/month for the student housing. I talked to motoconchos from the nearby malecon, when I was going through all the shit there, and he told me that there was some French dude that asked him for a place to move out to, he had to leave because the place was just so ridiculous he couldn't take it anymore, and also, he told me that most students that move in end up moving out in the first month; I understood that part very well.
Author: student Posted at 22:45 06/21/2008
Sincerely, a fantastic hotel with a good people that serve with their heart.
Author: pepy Posted at 22:16 03/6/2007
I was born in San pedro but that doesn't necessarily mean that i must also enjoy the hotel. In fact, idid enjoy it alot. It's a comfortable landmark with a great view of the ocean. It's a typical hotel i would love to stay at! I loved it!
Author: el Mayimbu Posted at 11:28 07/9/2006
heyyyyyyyyyy yaall que lo que san pedro shout out to all mii pelotterrrros and all mii gente de sAn PeDro lol luv u all it an ok hotel Shout out to Freddy the security from merengue the club in the Hotel aNd sHoUt OuTs to alll my peeps and DoMingo the worker In the kitchen love you muchos even though we didnt get a chance
Author: mofrena Posted at 22:21 03/18/2006
the howard johnson hotel was one of the worst hotels i have ever neen to this summer.The whole summer there was hardly no light in the hotel the downstairs bathrooms didnt work and occasionally we had to shower in the pool because there was no other water in the gotel. the only good parts about going to the hotel was the sexy baseball players jelzon fransisco tony billy espinales de'oleo samuel winfre and wilfred negrette joan and pedro the twoo cutest and more you know who you are.
Author: Magdelene Posted at 22:08 03/18/2006

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