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Jack Tar Village

Rating: Above average Phone: 1-809-320-3800 Website:
Location: North Coast Fax: E-Mail:
City: Puerto Plata Contact: [email protected] Value for money: Above average
Food: Average Decor: Average Service: Excellent
My friend and I spent a week at Jack Tar Village returning home on January 7, 2005. The ride from the airport was quick and comfortable. It only took 15 minutes to get to the resort; however the wait to check in was extremely long. By the time we got to our room it was almost 1:00 am, so all we could do was crash. The rooms were decent. Besides really little bugs in the bathroom and a weird smell coming from the sink all was well. The food in the main dining room was good. Because they changed the buffet everyday, some days were better then others so it all balanced out. The other restaurants we very nice and the service was great (the Italian restaurant was slow at times).
The layout of the resort was very nice. Everything was within walking distance. The pools were nice and clean; however the main one could have been bigger. The one major downfall was the weather. It rained all 7 days that we were there. It let up a few times, so we had about two mornings with no rain but rain in later in the evening. People were complaining a lot about the rain, but it's not the resorts fault so they need to get over it or pick better times to travel. Although the rain was bad we still made the best of it.
The service was really good. Everything we asked for, we got. It took a little while to locate the iron but it was given to us before the end of the day. The people were GREAT. Everyone was so friendly and courteous (Except the lady in the gift/convenient shop... I'm not sure what her problem was). The entertainers were very funny and worked hard to get everyone involved. The evening shows were nice. At times a little repetitive. I might have had more fun if I got involved and went up on the stage. We were lucky enough the spend New Year's there. The night was really nice. They had party hats and noise makers for everyone. This really made us want to go back for New Years another year.
The beach was disappointing. The sand and the water were dirty and unappealing.
Oh yeah, a couple days into the trip we saw where they keep the ice that they used for drinks. We had NO ice in our drinks from that day on.
The casino and the disco were very nice. The music at the disco could have been changed up a little more on the week days.
All in all the week was really good, the hospitality was great and I would love to return to Jack Tar Village again.
Author E-Mail: [email protected] Review date: 03/12/2005



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