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Fun Royale / Tropical

Rating: Above average Phone: Website:
Location: North Coast Fax: E-Mail:
City: Puerto Plata Contact: Value for money: Above average
Food: Average Decor: Average Service: Above average
The staff were very friendly and the entertainment good but come on guys let the songs / music play out and less of the banter. The beach was ok but we found the staff of the resort next door on the beach to be very rude when we were unknown to us, lying on THEIR beach chairs (put a notice up for future guests)

For future visitors, make sure you check around before buying anything, the shops that would not haggle had items that went from 300 pesos to 1100 pesos for the same warned

Overall value was excellent for the money paid and yes we would go back there again!
Author E-Mail: [email protected] Review date: 03/27/2005



Fun Tropicale is a beautiful , lay back resot with many activities both on the grounds and off site too. The food is served from early in the morning to after midnight. It's amazing how many ways they can cook chicken! The rooms were efficient, not glamorous in anyway.

I have been there many times and love it because you never really have to get dressed up if you dont care to. You can come to dinner in your shots and tops. LAt time I was there for a week I was able to back an overnight bag. I only took one pair of sandles and my sneakers, a few pair os short and my swimwear.

I found the entertainment is amatuerish but amusing and about all I can stand after being up all day on the beach and at the pool. I sleep like a baby after a day of activities.

Not only would II go back there, this past year I brought 20 cousins with me. They had a ball. I am already booked for a week in June and October. Cant wait to get there.

Cant beat the price of the all inclusive. Cheapest vacation ever!
Author: Pat Posted at 13:12 04/13/2005

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