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Coconut Palms

Rating: Above average Phone: Website:
Location: North Coast Fax: E-Mail:
City: sosua Contact: Value for money: Average
Food: Average Decor: Average Service: Average
All inclusive style, must take a taxi or bus to get into town. Nice accomodations includes kitchenette.

Not huge and you get to know the crowd that's staying there, that's the nice part. Didn't feel like a number, that was the BIGGEST plus compared to most large resort places. Good food in the restaurant. No better or worse than the other hotel I stayed at with the exception of the distance from town ( a little inconvenient). One couple had trouble with a bandito near the beach but the couple went on a side trip walk, wearing VERY expensive jewelry, and didn't seem educated about normal tourist precautions generally used in third world countries. I don't believe this was a common problem and the hotel dealt with it affectively within their ability. Just a reminder: Don't ruin it for the rest of the non-locals; don't give anyone a reason to rob you and they'll stop finding it profitable and quit the attempts. This is true whether you are in DR, Mexico, Belize, New York City, or Miami.
Author E-Mail: [email protected] Review date: 12/12/2000



Author: Apple Posted at 13:21 09/3/2004
We have been there four times. I bought a timeshare there in 1998. My brother also bought in 2000. He got married there in 2001. Judi and her staff did a great job with the wedding. Not the most fancy place you may stay at but it will be the friendliest.
Author: kwb Posted at 17:50 01/7/2003
is the beach at coconut palms good for swimming?
Author: thomas millar Posted at 20:24 01/6/2003
I have been going to the Coconut Palms for 4years. I love the place and people. They know you by name and will do anything to insure you are having a wonderful time. The weather is great in January, April and October. We have made so many friends at the Coconut Plams, that I can now say I am going home again for vacation.
Author: Theresa Posted at 10:42 11/6/2002
Stayed here on the top suites and I enjoyed the service. Very clean! I would go back again! 5 min walk to the beach(not as good as El Caberete beach, to many see urchins) Free schudele rides to other beaches and into town.

Author: ANtonio Posted at 3:17 06/29/2002

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