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Casa Colonial

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I just returned from a wonderful two evenings at Casa Colonial (July 2005). This is the kind of place, you want to treat yourself to if money is not the issue. If money is an issue, then it is worth saving for.

Had visited the hotel and done the tour, but to stay there was another thing. Sara Garcia has done wonders with all her architectural details. The place is a precious jewel for all the senses. Take a stroll through the gardens in the evening and you will be treated to aromatherapy, the illumination is excellent and so romantic. This is definitely a place to choose for your wedding, honeymoon or wedding anniversary, or just to decongest after a major work project.

The architecture and the way the owners have gone all out to provide the comforts possible in the bedrooms and bathrooms of this place. These are 5 star, by any world standard. The Italian linens on the beds, the fluffy duvet and comforter, you couldn't do better. Missing a soft pillow, though, but since I travel with my pillow, was not a problem. May I also point out the silent air conditioner, and above all the great very well trained caring staff...

Room service is excellent and great value, the dinner ware and cuttlery are tops (real silver). The meal was very good, although we had asked for the meat rare and it came back almost well done. But it was good, so no problem. Our fish was very good. Dinner outside on the balcony in the room is a memorable experience.

Their main restaurant is gorgeous, service is great, but food in that one restaurant Lucia is not up to the prices they charge. My husband had been there with a business group a month ago and also felt the meal was below the standards of the hotel. I hope they soon bring in the right chef. I will be looking forward to news on a new chef for that restaurant to dine there again. The decor in the first floor Verandah Restaurant is also gorgeous for having breakfast. The bar area makes you want to linger for long.

Went swimming in their third floor infinity pool at 8 am on Sunday morning. Only other people for another hour were three German-speaking young couples that could have been models for a fashion magazine because they had gorgeous bodies.

Husband and I shared the couple's Swedish massage in the spa. When I was told that the massage was over, I opened my eyes and just wondered if I had been in heaven -- all I could think of was that he was an angel with his magic hands. They leave you brand new. The staff has carried out many courses to reach the level of being able to offer world class massages and again the equipment of the spa is 5 star world class.

Overall, with the exception of the Cap Cana bungalow in front of the sea (that I believe is US$700 the night) that offers a different kind of luxury, I can't think of more luxurious accommodations in this country, and it should be tops anywhere in the Caribbean, too.

Definitely a 5 star hotel. People should check it out before it is discovered by the rich and famous.

Definitely am recommending this to all my friends for when they want a special couples experience.
Author E-Mail: [email protected] Review date: 07/14/2005



A close friend of ours is employed at Casa Colonial and he gave us the grand tour this past summer. We were very impressed. We have stayed in some very beautiful hotels all over the world and have never been in one that is finer. Plan on staying at least a few days there, hopefully next year.
Author: Jim Posted at 21:00 10/25/2005

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