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Hamaca Coral by Hilton

Rating: Below average Phone: (809) 523-4611 Website:
Location: Santo Domingo Fax: (809) 523-6767 E-Mail: [email protected]
City: Boca Chica Contact: Value for money: Below average
Food: Average Decor: Above average Service: Horrible
After a bad experience last year we decided to give the hotel a chance and went back. Same problems. Check in and out is a nightmare, they are understaffed, long lines, people upset. If you go to relax you come back home more stressed out. Check what you are charged, we asked for a fridge in the room and it came with an assortment of items on the side. We didn't use it but found a half eaten candy bar one day on top of the fridge and notified the hotel and asked them to lock that side since we had no use for it. They tried to charge us $4US for it at checkout time! There were not enough towels in the bathroom, if you asked for something like extra sugar or coffee they didn't bring it, we had to shower with water since they didn't bring the shower gel, and on, and on, and on. It was a terrible experience, you think that the name Hilton will deliver something better but that is not the case here.......
Author E-Mail: upset clients Review date: 07/18/2005



Yes I've stayed here during the week of Semana Santa. Horrible!! Untidy rooms with ass stains on the room chairs. Everybody has their hand out for a propina(tip). If you speak english the price is double. This country has changed since I started going in 1992. Much to commercial now.
Author: primo001 Posted at 19:15 03/20/2007
We just returned November 21st 2005 from this low-class bordello called hotel Hamaca. We upgraded to the 6th floor for Executive Service and were still ignored and on the way to the room the first night there was a prostutute in the hallway waiting for her client to open the door. This is what we paid $500 a day for? We were starving most of the part we were there as they advertise they are a 24 hour all inclusive but forget to tell you that pizza and some sorry excuse for a hamburger are the only things available 24 hours. There is a 3 1/2 time span between breakfast, lunch and dinner, so if you sleep in late or are enjoying the beach you will be starving!!!! Food was horrible anyways. Everybody wants money for everything..........I tried not to say good morning thinking they would be expecting a tip! Don't go is a waste of money! This is a prostitute town and this is what the hotel caters too. Mostly American and Canadian men there picking up young Dominican Prostitutes. If this is what you are into, this is the hotel for you.
Author: Barahona Native Posted at 16:04 11/24/2005
My experience at this hotel was pretty bad. I stayed in March 05. The food is absolutely the worst. The drinks (alcohol) are watered down. The rooms are awful and I too experienced the lack of service.
Author: lydia gilligan Posted at 15:19 10/3/2005

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