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Costa Caribe Coral By Hilton

Rating: Above average Phone: Website:
Location: Southeast Coast Fax: E-Mail:
City: Juan Dolio Contact: Value for money: Average
Food: Above average Decor: Average Service: Above average
Right on the beach in Juan Dolio, I felt that this was a really great value for the money (about $50 per day US for 1 person, although it was purchased as part of a sale package via American Airlines, and the regular non sale rates are much more I believe). The worst part was that most of the staff did not speak English, which I was very surprised at, as in most other resorts that I've stayed at in the Dominican Republic, most staff members are multi-lingual, and you can usually find a few that speak very good English. Other resorts I've stayed at in the Dominican Republic, they do all announcements in different languages, and always do the shows in the evening in different languages so that everyone can join in and understand what's going on. Not so here. I can get by in Spanish, but other US tourists were complaining about the language barrier, and I can see their point. They felt that with the Hilton name attached, there would be higher caliber staff, but quite frankly, I'm not so sure what the relationship with Hilton is at this resort. Although the grounds were very pretty and the beach beautiful, all in all this place does not live up to the Hilton name that people have come to expect. However, for what I paid I was happy! Lots of variety in the food, and though the quality varied, there was a pasta table every night, always a fresh meat table (ham, roasts, etc.) plus lots of salads, loads of desserts and lots of different breads.

This place does fill up with upper class Dominicans on the weekends, and they are some of the rudest people you will ever encounter. They cut in front of you in line, push you aside, run all around screaming and knocking into you at the pool, leave their garbage everywhere, are very rude to the staff, and basically show no concern for anybody else except themselves. As such, Saturday or Sunday would be good days to get out and do touring, go to Santo Domingo, etc. The drinks at all the bars were very good, and the disco had a lot of action in it most nights I was there, although I preferred to just play pool in the sports bar. I never did go to the Casino, but there is one right on the property, along with 3 pools, tennis courts, everything you could expect to find. During the week, I would say the hotel was only 10 percent US citizens, 10 percent Puerto Ricans, 20 percent Canadians, and the rest Europeans, mainly German, but some Dutch and French.

If you're thinking Hilton like you're used to in the rest of the world, think again, but for the price I thought this was a great resort, with nice grounds, lots of activities, above average food, and a very nice staff, though the staff's lack of English might be a problem for English only speakers.
Author: Annonymous Review date: 08/4/2005



What city is this resort at??
Author: Bill Posted at 8:31 08/11/2005

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