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Ocean Sand/Ocean Blue Golf & Beach Resort

Rating: Horrible Phone: Website:
Location: East Coast Fax: E-Mail:
City: Punta Cana Contact: Value for money: Horrible
Food: Horrible Decor: Above average Service: Horrible
Author E-Mail: [email protected] Review date: 08/6/2005



I just got back from the Ocean Blue Resort in Punta Cana and I'm missing it already was my first out of counrty vacation and I had the time of my life ..I made so many friends with the staff there that I almost cried when I left. We exchanged numbers and email addresses...Staff was amazing always remembered our names rooms were super clean...Food was outragiously good....I'm sorry to hear that so many people had a bad time but I know that the next time I go to the Dominican it will be right back to the Ocean Blue ..................Jen from Canada
Author: Jen Posted at 16:28 09/24/2007
I cannot believe what Vams said about this place. We were also treated like Kings and Queens. We had a wonderful time and would return in a heartbeat. We went in March 2006. Around spring break, and everything was just wonderful. Better luck next time!
Author: RF Posted at 23:25 12/16/2006
DO NOT STAY HERE!! REBOOK SOMEWHERE ELSE! I will have to agree with just about everything you said. When I first read your review I thought "It won't be that bad." Our vacation was worse than yours. We stayed from Oct 4 - 11, 2006. Not only did my husband and I get sick from the food (we only drank bottled water), we were locked out of our room three times (twice in one night). Let me tell you, that is not fun when your in Villa 5 and have to RUN to the lobby for the bathrooms and new keys. And yes, every time we would ask for a manager we were told there is none around. Finally, on Tuesday night (our last night) we did not make the bathroom in time. My husband is a very big man (6'3") and he used to lift weights everyday so he's also strong. He went to the lobby door and swung it open. It hit the wall and it shattered. The next morning when we went to check out they would not let us. We were told he punched the door and would have to pay $3,000 USD (they said it was a crystal glass door) or we were not allowed to leave the hotel. We argueed about him punching the door - he had no scratches on his hands. Our Apple Rep then said well then you must have kicked it - again no scratches. Aren't the Apple Reps supposed to help you? She was the one who told us if we did not pay, we would go to jail, and yes, the police were there waiting for us. Eventually, we paid so we could get out of there and back to the US. What choice did we have? The service was the WORST we have EVER had. Very slooooooow!!! We had to ask for toliet paper, towels, etc. It took about 5 hours to get 1 roll of TP. Upon returning to the US, I went and saw my travel agent and have told her about this. Since we were the first ones from the agency to stay here, she has told all the other travel agents not to send anyone to Ocean Blue. This was our first to trip to the Dominican and we will NOT be returning EVER!!
Author: Hannah Posted at 11:13 10/14/2006
I stayed at the Ocean Blue in July of 2005 and in October 2005. Both stays were excellent experiences with great food, great service and great weather. The beaches and pools are as good as any I have experienced in the Caribbean (recently Bahamas and more recently Turks). Truly, I can't believe that VAM3333 is talking about the same resort. We were treated like royalty. Also, no mosquitos and no sea gulls. Local vendors were at a distance and non-invasive. Food of great variety and all delicious. Entertainment every night in the lobby bar. Casino, billiards, and bowling. Late night disco/caberet. Room was clean and fresh. Balcony was a delight. Tipping is not required at this all inclusive, but I couldn't resist a dollar or two to what I saw as a highly motivated staff. Highly recommend Ocean Blue as a destination for families and couples.
Author: Rodney Posted at 9:58 06/16/2006
I agree with Connie & am very sorry about Vams experience. I studied in the country during college & have stayed in Punta Cana several times and after staying at more highly Apple rated hotels I decided to try Ocean Blue because my friends were on a tighter budget than I and we had a fabulous time. The food was very good, the rooms clean and the staff also courteous and respectful. BTW, the current apple rep is not Mr. Diaz and was excellent.
Author: JJ Posted at 14:38 06/15/2006
My friends and I leave in a few days 17th of March to Ocean Blue Resort. Hoping for a nice place to relax and have lots of fun..We researched well this Resort and felt it was excellent choice. Connie do u have any suggestions for our stay that week? Did you enjoy any excursions? Would appreciate any imfo.
Author: cindy Posted at 22:52 03/12/2006
Very unfortunate for you and your family, but I just returned from this very resort and loved it....none of the things described in this article even came close to our experience. We had a wonderful time, found the food excellent, the staff courteous and helpful (bearing in mind the language barrier) and were never treated with anything less than complete respect. I also felt that the resort was clean and well maintained...if you check all of the travel and hotel websites this facility rates anywhere from a 3+ to a 5 star hotel.
Author: Connie Posted at 17:09 03/5/2006

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