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I have just returned from a 3 week holiday at the Breezes Punta cana resort in the DR.

Having been to the North coast of the Dominican Republic 3 times already, I thought I would visit the Caribbean Side and opted from the Breezes Restort which looked excellent in al the brochures.

As a very honest and outgoing person I am going to write this review as direct as possible, I understand that there are always two sides to every story - however this is my considered opinion:

I would not return to this hotel.

Overall I had a good holiday and did enjoy myself however please consider my experiences before booking:


The main Restaurant offered a good choice of food. Each night, the had a different "Theme" which was nice... some better than others though!! I would say the standard of the food and setting was that of an average restaurant in the UK. It was only OK.

The hotel has "speciality" restaurants... French, Japanese, Italian and Dominican. These had much better service in terms of staff who were as you would expect.. the food was once again only OK.

AVOID THE SEAFOOD!!! Two of our holiday friends became seriously ill hours after the Seafood night in the main buffet - one lady spent the last two nights of her holiday in hospital and missed her flight home due to illness!

The pool was really good. Swim up bar was great and it was generally clean and tidy. The after hours staff work really hard to ensure the pool is looking good for the morning. Also their was a BBQ Hut next to the ppol serving chicken, Steak and Fish - this was really good.

THE SUN LOUNGERS WERE TERRIBLE!! You would expect a 4 + star hotel to have decent loungers... they were soooo bad and we spent 20 mins every day searching out loungers that did not really hurt after 5 mins of bathing!


stunning, although the sea was just as rough as the North (Atlantic) coast.. we went on a day trip which took us 30 mins further south and he sea was true Caribbean. This was a little bit disappointing although the sand was great and the beach streached for miles.

Staff & Service:

Very poor. There really seemed to be a management issue with the staff. Many staff were grumpy and almost rude. I was very dissapointed with this. As always there were a few members of the staff that were extra special in their attempts to help make your holiday great.

Major Issues:

ON our arrival our shower didnt work, our bath wouldnt fill, the patio door was broken and the lights in out room didnt work!!!!

When I spoke to reception the girl said they would charge me $20 x 21 nights! to move rooms! When i asked to speak with the general hotel manager i was told that he wouldnt speak with me.. i had to threatn to cancel my credit card, book into another hotel and then on my return to the UK legally persue the company for my expans and compensation!!!!

This is not what you want to be doing in the first few hours of your holiday!!

We had friends that had their room broken into in the middle of the night - yes! they woke up to find a man in their room that had come through the patio door!!

The sad thing was that having stayed at the RIU resorts before I thought I would trying something of similar standard. Every time we went on a trip we met other couples from the RIU hotels who were totally raving about their accomodation!!!


The shows at night time were poor. they do try hard but the phrase "caribbean butlins" does come to mind.

All in all, I had a really good holidaywith my lovely girlfriend because of the experiences we had, the great people we met and because we could put the issuses with the hotel to the back of our mind and make the most of the situation.

If anyone has any questions, I would be glad to help: [email protected]
Author E-Mail: [email protected] Review date: 10/5/2005



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