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Hillbilly's Bed and Breakfast

Rating: Excellent Phone: Website:
Location: Central Fax: E-Mail:
City: Santiago Contact: Hillbilly Value for money: Excellent
Food: Excellent Decor: Excellent Service: Excellent
Stayed at hillbillys from March 26/04 to April 02/04 and was pleasantly surprised. The apartment is soooo beautiful, very clean and breezy good hot water and AC and parking. Hills wife is one of the most wonderfull person i have ever met in my life, always gets a hug and a smile every single time she sees me a total stranger, felt right at home and very comfortable. The breakfast is good and the pancakes is probably the best i ever had with Canadian maple syrup and being from new york these pancakes are probably rated up there yummy and worth a taste. Hill is very knowledgeable about Santiago and an excellent source of information. Hill recomended rancho steak house which was awesome, US75 for three people also tried Camp David which was dissapointing, driver got lost for three hours,sorry should have asked hill for directions, got there at 11:30 pm uncomfortable with that long bummpy ride just had dinner, for me disspointing US80 for four not bad.
The purpose of my trip was visiting my friend Jack Meibum who runs a mission para los ninos in a remote part of bitoa to do some volunteer work was a huge project, hired some locals who was so happy to get work. It rained avery day and had to walk a mile in heavy mud to get to the mission was an adventure. Hill and his wife was so supportive and provided over fifty meals at very minimum cost and for the people it was certainly 7 course and on behalf of the people of Bitoa, Jack and myself word's may never express our sincere grattitude and appreation for the contributin of hill and wife, not to forget his staff for a job well done.
Jack is an american dentist who runs a medical and dental clinic free to the people of that region and also provides used clothing and food to the needy and we appeal to visitors or locales for used clothing, books, medical supplies. Jacks tel #8099142561 and he has a website with more info.
Kelvin Hosein
New York City
Author E-Mail: [email protected] Review date: 04/12/2006



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