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Casa Marina

Rating: Excellent Phone: Website:
Location: North Coast Fax: E-Mail:
City: Sosua Contact: Sami and Mark Value for money: Excellent
Food: Average Decor: Above average Service: Above average
Been to the Dominican three times now. Love the country and the people. Last few times have stopped at Playa Dorada, enjoyed this very much, but decided we wanted a change and so opted for somewhere nearer a town.
Found Casa Marina a nice hotel but no areas which encouraged people to sit and chat to each other.
We were given the impression that it was not a good idea to leave the hotel and certainly not to book excursions with anyone but your tour company. We did not go on any excursions, as done most before, but plenty of people that we met had used outside agencies and had a great time. You are covered by the companies Insurance, despite what your reps will tell you and will pay less.
As far as leaving the hotel, we did this on the second day and never looked back! We like to go out and explore! Whats the point of going to a new country and sitting in your hotel for two weeks!
We felt safer walking about the streets here than we would in our country. There is a good selection of bars and restaurants, all at very reasonable prices and lets face it, its nice to eat something freshly made and to have a drink out of a glass! We recommend that you try a cocktail whilst out. These are totally different to in your hotel and are decorated with fruit etc.

But are ulitimate experience was EDDY'S SPORTS BAR!!!!! which we visited most days. This is run by a friendly Canadian, obviously called Eddy, who has lived there for over twenty years. Most sporting events are covered in the bar, it has two free pool tables and darts machines and the most delicous food. Everyone there is helpful and friendly and you can learn alot about the country and people. It is a nice relaxed atmosphere and you will be safe in the knowledge that you will not be bothered by pushy sales people or "girls"! Eddy really looks after his customers and we are so grateful to have found his bar and met him, his staff and his regular customers, that would be Colin, George, Keith, Bobby!!!
Whilst we were there we got engaged and felt a little far away for family and friends to help us celebrate, but the people we met in our hotel and especially Eddy and Colin made it a day to remember forever and we thank you!
We plan to return in December 2007 and get married and are looking forward to returning and meeting our friends over there and visiting Eddy's Sports Bar!
If you do happen to go to Eddy's please wish him well from Sami and Mark and have a go at the half yard of ale!!!
Author E-Mail: [email protected] Review date: 04/16/2006



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