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grand pardise bavaro

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City: punta cana Contact: Value for money: Above average
Food: Average Decor: Average Service: Below average
we got robbed for 800 dollars all our money on day threee after booking a your and spending 150 i thought going through the towns would be dangerous.. but we returned home safe only to be robbed for everything right in our own hotel updtairs bt the tour desk aboutto nbbok another tour my boyfriend places down the bag in front of him turns his head to look at anothe book of tours... i ask him for the money... its gone... he panicks runs downstairs..finds the money in the mens bathroom... empty... the maid was walking out with it... they watched every move we made.. and set the whole thing up... we get a manager... to file a police report.. my bf was so upset ran to the room they tell us they were gonnna sent the report to the room... neva happened my bf goes on our balcony to have a smoke... sees 5 security guards right outside our room building 6 oceanview in the back of the hotle.. handing out 100 dollar bills to eachother we immediatley run down after them they pretend to not hear us or undersatnd.. take us to the front of the over the manager he atakes us in the back again... they say be right back walk around the front of the reesirt... to stash the money iam sure...come back 15 min lata with a yellow evvelope ... one of the workers told us we better leave cause they could arrest us for accusing them.. or finr us thousands of dollars... we have to fear we would get hurt to complain about getting robbed and to better yet see the whole thing happen... next day wetry to get over it go on another tour to make the best of things... we come home late my mom hasnt heard from me alll day and knew of the robberry so was worried to begin with.. she callls the hotel...they tell her theres noone here of those names...puts her on hold 10min gets back on says they were probably mother almost had a heart attack,,,,we tell the hotel manager the nextday says sorry i will look into it.. neva see him again neva see the security guards again... and no help fromm anyone, i do not recommend this hotel to anyone who wants to spaek to english speaking rights.. i was afraid to sleep at night bec thoses security gurads knew our room numbers and saw our passports... the woman in the gift shops are prostitutes ladies watch yur man they were rubbing all over mine asking them for money for sex when i wasnt in there... they dont have change either.. lol... a way to scheme more money.. if you do go make sure you bring travlers checks.. and sleeep with one eye open
Author: Annonymous Review date: 06/8/2006



Hey i was at grand pardise bavaro in July 2006 and i dint see anything bad about the place the only thing i dint like about it only two front desk agents spoke english ..... and the othere thing was the charge extra when i had a friend come over to the hotel anyhow good place for couples not single guys or girls if u are a single guy there you can visit LA PUNTA a club out side the resort alot of strippers etc
Author: J Posted at 17:44 08/21/2006

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