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Bavaro Princess

Rating: Average Phone: Website:
Location: Southeast Coast Fax: E-Mail:
City: Punta Cana / Bavaro Contact: Value for money: Average
Food: Below average Decor: Average Service: Average
Nice hotel, food was okay, service was fine, nothing great, drinks fine, entertainment amusing,
but what ever you do keep away from the animation staff.....TROUBLE...TROUBLE.....TROUBLE. You would think they were hired to try to bed all the adult tourists, and than get you to give them money, pay for everything, buy them expensive gifts, marry you, and bring them back to your home country, because they love you, and cant live without you. Lock up the woman, young girls and in some cases even the men and boys. Not all animation staff are SANKY PANKY, but if you go and you use this phrase is will save a lot of wasted time, foolishness, broken hearts and possibly worse. The DR is a great place, but honestly, be careful who you talk to and what you say or promise....these players are like vultures. Every resort with an animation staff is full of this kind of hanky panky, thus the name SANKY PANKIES. I kid you not, enjoy you vacation, enjoy the time spent dancing with them or playing a innocent game on the beach, but I tell you, do not share email address when you leave, nor cell phone numbers, no personal information. They will try to con you like you have never been conned before. If you know of anyyone that is planning on a trip to the Dominican Republic, warn them about this nightmare...and what ever you do, read the posts on this message board here under Sankies 101 right under men are from venus, woman are from mars. wish I had read all this before I went. So I warn you now....DO NOT TRUST OR BELIEVE THE HARD LUCK STORIES. TAKE YOUR TRIP and GO HOME WITH YOUR SANITY. DO NOT GO ANYWHERE WITH A SANKY PANKY. you will reconise them , watch them on the beach and around the pool, they flirt and come on to all the woman who look like they might play with the player, and even if you dont look like you want to play, they will try that much harder. so pay attention....the animation staff is only there for your money. And please if any of them get fresh or annoy you, report them to management immediatly. They ruin the resorts reputation. They shouldnt be there to con you. Warn others of this con has left many unsuspecting individuals devistated, robbed of their hard earned money, or worse yet, sick with some disease that they got from the Sanky that they got a little too friendly with. They are the best GIGILOS I have ever seen. Not all people are bad, but the animation staff makes a game out of who will bed who first and who will get the most money or the biggest prize, a green card or a visa.....other wise, keeping this in mind enjoy it is a beautiful island country.
Author E-Mail: [email protected] Review date: 09/25/2006



oh i went and i gave them my information :/ i guess too late to take it back now. only giving them my email and facebook. but one of them told me that everytime he sees me his heart beats for me that i am so beautiful and he said that he loves me. i didnt believe it. out of all the beautiful women they see and he says that i am the most beautiful and he can make me so happy and everything.
Author: ivy Posted at 11:36 08/9/2010
So true. Very insincere crowd. They will leave you broke and penniless if they could & not even bat an eye. Then they are off for their next victim/conquest.
Author: Iggy Notpop Posted at 19:05 05/6/2007

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