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Welcome to the DR1 Trade Information Pages. DR1 focuses on the trade agreements the DR is negotiating, insights into the challenges and opportunities ahead. Analysis and reports on the trade agreements and trade areas are included. Statistics on these markets are presented. Other resources are listings of embassies and trade offices, chambers of commerce and specialized offices. Questions are welcome in the Business Forum.
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Trade Latest Updates

The economy grew

Industries reject Haitian tariffs

Haiti gets 5 years of tariffs

Economic observations for 2010

Investments & exports in 2009

Caricom - a win-win agreement

Haiti signs EPA

2,500 tons of sugar for Chavez

ECLAC forecasts 3.5% growth for DR

Andeans lend money

Trade Other News Sources

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Icon national park withers as Dominican Republic fails to enforce the law - Dominican Today

With the TPP Nearing Ratification, US Government Remains Deaf to the Failures of CAFTA-DR - Council On Hemispheric Affairs

Why Central America must make better use of DR-CAFTA - (subscription)

Personalities inaugurate Dominican Week in the US - Dominican Today

Mining Company Threatens Guatemala with Lawsuit in USA - Prensa Latina

Transparency necessary to counter protectionist trend - Global Trade Review (GTR)

Honduras faces hurdles in new textiles plan - (subscription)

Honduras hopes to invest $3.4bn to double exports - (subscription)

M&S turnaround to take even more time - (subscription) (blog)

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