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  • Shakira in Santo Domingo
  • Culinary arts courses at PUCMM
  • La Romana port recognized
  • February air arrival stats
Shakira in Santo Domingo
Latin pop star Shakira will be on stage at the Quisqueya Ball Park this Wednesday, 19 March. The Santo Domingo performance is the fifth stop on her Tour of the Mongoose that is taking her to 30 countries and 50 cities in the Americas and Europe. Promoter George Nader told the Listin Diario that Shakira was charging US$350,000 for the presentation and that the cost of the show is about US$1 million. Shakira is expected in Santo Domingo on Monday. Shakira will take a break in La Romana’s Casa de Campo prior to heading to San Juan, Puerto Rico for her next performance on Saturday, 22 March. Quisqueya Ball Park doors will be open from 5 pm for the show that starts at 8 pm. VIP tickets cost RD$10,000 and are sold out. Tickets are still available for RD$5,000, RD$700, RD$450, RD$350 and bleachers at RD$200. Click here for more details
Culinary arts courses at PUCMM
The Pontificia Universidad Catolica Madre y Maestra, the largest private university in the Dominican Republic, announces new studies programs at its School of Culinary Arts. The university is offering a Diploma in Culinary Arts (1 year), Advanced Diploma in Culinary Arts (two years), certificates in culinary arts and instructor-chef. 
Martin Carrera, director of the school, says that the new courses are to prepare chefs for Dominican Republic restaurants and hotel restaurants. Shorter three-hour courses for eight days are also being offered in Mediterranean cooking, pastas, baking and Dominican cooking. The courses begin May 2003, and the deadline for registration is 1 April 2003. For more information, call 535-0111 Et. 2012, Fax 809 535-8955, or email [email protected]
For more information on the university. Click here for more details
La Romana port recognized
International cruise lines have voted the Port of La Romana the 'Most Improved Port Facilities’ and ‘Most Improved Destination Award’ for 2002. The voting results are from a survey conducted by Dream World Cruise Destinations, a UK-based periodical published by a subsidiary of Euromoney Institutional Investor PLC. The announcement of the award was made during the Seatrade Cruise Shipping Convention held recently in Miami, Florida. The awards were launched seven years ago. They serve as industry recognition to the efforts made by ports and destinations to develop their product for the future growth of the cruise market. The Most Improved Port Facilities award focuses on the port that has made the most relevant improvement, however small, by investing in fenders, pier, or berth to make ship maneuverability or docking easier; or made improvements to infrastructure, or parking spaces to make passenger dispersal easier. 
The Most Improved Destination award goes to the destination that has improved its overall tourism product, whether at its tourism attractions or excursions, through investment in infrastructure, improvements to city/town center eg. landscaping, widening of pavements, improved traffic flow systems, provision of transport, or access to tourism information. Click here for more details
February air arrival stats
Foreign tourists visits were again on the rise for Punta Cana, Puerto Plata, La Romana, and other vacation areas in February. According to just released statistics from the Central Bank, foreign tourists visiting Punta Cana were up 40 percent, Puerto Plata foreign air arrivals were up 9 percent, and La Romana’s foreign visitors increased 22 percent when compared to air arrivals for February 2002. The number of air passengers coming from the United States is responsible for the steep climb in arrivals to Punta Cana. Traffic to the PUJ terminal increased 33,948 in February for a total 119,658 visitors in February, a record for any port of entry into the Dominican Republic. 
The traffic of regular scheduled flights between PUJ and United States is increasing fast. For example, USA3000 now has flights from Philadelphia, Washington, Cincinnati, Newark and Cleveland. US Airways flies from Charlotte (North Carolina), and American Airlines has flights from Miami, New York, San Juan, Puerto Rico several times a day. European traffic is not lagging behind, with even Iberia expecting to start a direct flight this summer. Puerto Plata on the north coast welcomed 57,189 foreign tourists, up from 52,259 in February 2002.  Foreign tourists visiting southeastern La Romana totalled 26,228 foreign air arrivals, up from 21,514 in 2002. On the other hand, travel to Las Americas International Airport catering primarily to Santo Domingo-bound travelers, declined in February from 52,283 foreign air arrivals in 2002 to 51,081 in 2003. Herrera, Santo Domingo’s inner city airport, received 734 passengers in 2003, compared to 1,396 in 2002. The airport is expected to close later this year when La Isabela International opens north of the city. The number of foreign air arrivals for February 2003 totaled 260,975 in February compared to 214,076 in 2002, for a 22 percent overall increase.

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