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  • Sammy goes for his 500th home run
  • Car Racing Championship
  • DR Drug laws need more promotion
  • American Airlines chapter 11?
  • Flags of Central America
Sammy goes for his 500th home run
The spotlight of the US sports press is on Sammy Sosa of the Chicago Cubs
again as he goes to bat for his 500th homerun. He begins the season with a
499 mark. With one more homer, Sosa will become the 18th member of the
500-homer club and the first Hispanic player.
Around 80 Dominicans are on the rosters of 30 Major League teams. The bigger names include Alex Rodriguez, Sammy Sosa, Manny Ramirez, Miguel Tejada, Vladimir
Guerrero, Alfonso Soriano, Alberto Pujols, Pedro Martinez and Bartolo Colon.
The focus again this year will be on Texas Rangers shortstop Alex Rodriguez (27 years, 246 days) could become the youngest player ever to reach the 300 homerun mark with his next round tripper. His fifth inning homerun off Angels starter John Lackey on Sunday marked the 299th of the shortstops' career. He only needs 142 RBI’s to reach the 1,000 mark.
In addition, Pedro Martinez of the Boston Red Sox needs only 78 strikeouts to better the all-time Dominican record of 2,303 held by Juan Marichal’s, the Dominican’s only member of the US Baseball Hall of Fame.

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Car Racing Championship
The National Speed Racing Championship starts this Sunday, 6 April at the
tracks of the Las Americas Autodrome on Las Americas Expressway. Miller International Racing is sponsoring the championship this year. Organizers also announced that this year a GT Dominican-Puerto Rican Car Racing Championship will take place with the best drivers from both countries competing in two events in Santo Domingo and two at the Salinas Motor Speedway of Puerto Rico. Event dates for the National Speed Racing Championship dates are:
6 April, 1 June (First Caribbean GT), 20 July, August (2nd GT), 7 September,
12 October, November (3rd GT), and 7 December (4th FT).
DR Drug laws need more promotion
Diario Libre highlights the issue of the Dominican Republic's strict drug
laws, and the fact that many tourists are unaware of their rigid nature.
Tough penalties for visitors who break the law can have a negative impact on
the country's image. For this reason, information about the drug laws are to be made available at all tourist venues so that foreigners are not misled into committing drugs offences. Law 105-87 was passed in 1988, making it obligatory for all tourism-related businesses to have this information ready for their customers. Tourism Minister Rafael Suberví Bonilla yesterday announced the publication and distribution of a leaflet describing the details of these laws, which will be aimed chiefly at incoming flights. An example given in the article is the case of a young Canadian tourist who was sentenced to 10 years in prison for the possession of half a marijuana joint.
American Airlines chapter 11?
AMR Corp.'s American Airlines, the world's biggest carrier, may seek bankruptcy protection as early as this week in part because of the war in Iraq if cost-savings efforts fail to match the drop in revenue. The airline seeks to avoid bankruptcy but needs to restructure more than US$27 billion in debt and stem losses that totaled US$5.27 billion in the past two years.
American would be the fourth major U.S. airline to file for bankruptcy in the past year. US Airways, which also flies to the Dominican Republic is already under Chapter 11 protection. American is hard-pressed to compete with profitable low-cost rivals. Airline industry sources say that a bankruptcy filing by American could occur closer to 7 April.
The airline has already obtained US$660 million in concessions from the pilots union and US$340 million in concessions from the flight attendants. Missing is a deal with the mechanics. Click here for more details
Flags of Central America
Rancho Cumayasa, the equestrian center-river ranch midway between La Romana
and San Pedro de Macoris, honored the union of Central America and the Caribbean last Saturday. With the hoisting of flags of El Salvador, Guatemala, Panama, Belize, Costa Rica, Honduras, and Nicaragua, the eco tourism vacation center symbolically paid tribute to the close relations with the Central American region. The owners of the ranch, Carlos Arriaza and his daughter Michaela Arriaza, both from El Salvador, hosted visitors that included the ambassadors of Costa Rica, El Salvador, Nicaragua and Taiwan. Arriaza came 18 years ago to work in an industrial free zone, staying on to start the horse and river ranch from where excursions to Catalina island can be taken. Rancho Cumayasa is also well known for its Dominican cooking. The ranch has 12 cabañas located amidst a tropical jungle. For more information, contact Michaela Arriaza at Cel. 809 757-0535, 809 757-3150 or by email at [email protected]

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