November 4, 2003
  • Punta Cana attracts most of growth
  • Dolphins entertain
  • Sterling comes to the DR
  • Puerto Plata Merengue Festival
Punta Cana attracts most growth
Punta Cana continued to be the preferred arrival airport for leisure travelers to the Dominican Republic during the first nine months of the year. Central Bank statistics indicate that 46.8% of all foreign arrivals came by way of the East Coast terminal. The second most popular port of entry for foreign tourists was Las Americas (Santo Domingo) with 21.8%, Puerto Plata with 18.4%, La Romana with 9.3% and Santiago with 3.3%.
The Central Bank highlights in its most recent statistical report that there were 268,791 more Punta Cana air arrivals. Punta Cana contributed 71.2% of the total growth experienced from January to September 2003.
Total arrivals for the first nine months to Punta Cana numbered 990,450, compared to 461,419 for Las Americas (Santo Domingo), 390,634 for Puerto Plata and 195,977 for La Romana.
Dolphins entertain
A small pod of dolphins mesmerized the entire southeastern coastline yesterday, as thousands watched the animals swim along the coast. Hundreds of cars stopped along the highways to allow their passengers to watch the show. From 9am until well after 6pm that day, the dolphins advanced along the shoreline and gave the people a spectacle to remember. In addition to the diversion, their presence might also be a good sign, as dolphins do not like contaminated water. The marine mammals, ten in number, went from West to East, from Punta Caleta towards La Romana.
Sterling comes to the DR
The 297-room Emi Resorts Sun Village Beach Resort in Cofresí announced it has joined Sterling Hotels & Resorts. This is the first Dominican hotel to join the London-based hotel marketing system. Sterling promotes itself as a premier global collection of first-class, independent properties. Sterling Hotels owns 55 independent hotels across the world.
Puerto Plata Merengue Festival
The Puerto Plata Merengue Festival is on for Constitution Day’s long weekend – Friday, 7 November through Monday, 10 November. The festival is being sponsored by the Tourism Ministry, the Puerto Plata Hotel Association and the Governor of Puerto Plata. On the agenda is a gastronomic festival and merengue bands will perform at the Puerto Plata’s Malecon, Playa Dorada, Sosúa, Cabarete and Cofresí. There will be a parade and folkloric dancing on the Malecón on Friday, November 6.

The schedule of merengue acts is as follows:

Thursday 6 November

Cofresí amphitheater - 7:00PM

  • Kinito Mendez
  • Pablo Martínez y Parada Joven
  • Heriberto Reynoso

Puntilla del Malecón - 9:00PM

  • Los Potros
  • Los Rosario
  • Jhonny Ventura
  • Grupo Atabales Grayumba

Playa Dorada - 7:00PM

  • Krispy
  • Diomedes y el grupo mio
  • Fefita La Grande
  • Samuelito almonte

Friday 7 November

Playa Dorada Plaza, Playa Dorada - 4:00PM

  • Local cocktails contest

Cabarete - 7:00PM

  • Jossie Esteban
  • Marcos Caminero
  • Levi y Papulito

Puntilla del Malecón - 9:00PM

  • Fernando villalona
  • Tulile
  • Tamarindo
  • Nicol Peña

Playa Dorada - 7:00PM

  • Jhonny Ventura
  • Leo subervi
  • Los potros
  • Ramon Santos

Saturday 8 November

Puntilla del Malecón - 2:00PM

  • Preparation of the world's largest drink: Discovery Cocktail

Sosúa - 7:00PM

  • La coco Band
  • Rasputin
  • Fascualito Henriquez

Puerto Plata Village Hotel - 8:00PM

  • Dominican cooking contest

Puntilla del Malecón - 9:00PM

  • krispy
  • La India Canela
  • La Coco Band
  • Silvio y la mezcla
  • Grupo camuflaje

Playa Dorada - 7:00PM

  • Silvio y la mezcla
  • La india canela
  • Tamarindo
  • Ivelisse Tavarez y ballet folklorico (Puerto Plata)

Sunday 9 November

Luperón - 7:00PM

  • Marcos Caminero
  • La Coco Band
  • El caballito de Puerto Plata

La Puntilla del Malecón - 9:00PM

  • La Coco Band
  • Kike Mangu
  • Tamarindo
  • Top 4
  • Café claro

Playa Dorada - 7:00PM

  • India Canela
  • Marcos Caminero
  • Leo Subervi
  • Grupo Atabales grayumba

Look for the bands that will be playing at La Puntilla del Malecon, the parking area of Playa Dorada, the Cofresí amphitheater, Cabarete, Sosúa, Puerto Plata Village recreational area, the parking area in Sosúa and in Luperón.

Note: In each of the presentations we'll have a fireworks show.

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