April 6, 2004
  • Kiteboarding Cup date changed
  • Hotel reopens in Barahona
  • Air controllers get back to work
  • ESPN calls DR the capital of baseball
  • Play domino!
Kiteboarding Cup date changed
The Professional Kiteboard Riders Association (PKRA), the international association that oversees kiteboarding events worldwide announced a postponing of the Cabarete World Cup tournament. The latter will now be held 15-20 June 2004. This is a week earlier than previously set. For more information, see http://www.pkra.info or contact Xiomara Desimone at 1-809-498-5812 or [email protected]
Hotel reopens in Barahona
In time for Easter, the former Hotel Riviera re-opened in Barahona after closing in 1999. News reports indicate it will now be known as the Costa Larimar and the new owner is Jose Jordan. Reportedly, he invested RD$500,000 to renovate the hotel and paid US$2 million for the purchase of the 108 room city hotel. The hotel has meeting facilities for 300 persons.
Air controllers get back to work
Dominican air controllers resumed work on Friday, 2 April, 55 hours after going on strike. The air controllers accepted a pledge from Civil Aviation Board director, Carlos Alvarez Guzman that he would study their requests for wage increases and increased benefits. While the impasse was in effect, the government called in military air controllers and foreign traffic controllers that were not sufficient to manage traffic at the country’s seven international airports. This caused delays in flights, as these were spaced out for safety reasons.
ESPN calls DR the capital of baseball
In a report last Wednesday, 31 March, the US sports network ESPN focused on the Dominican Republic, calling it the most productive pipeline of of talent. ESPN pointed out that while five years ago there were only 55 ball players on the rosters on opening day of the Major League baseball teams, this year, there were over 100. It translated that to be that one of every seven players in the Majors had been born in the DR. ESPN stresses that the number will continue to grow in the next years, especially since 30% of the players in the Minors last season had been born in the DR. The reason: Dominicans are going after the big bucks and the baseball training academies set up in the DR by Major League Baseball teams.
See http://sports.espn.go.com/mlb/news/story?id=1772471
Play domino!
Domino is probably the real Dominican national pastime. While simple looking, dominos is not a game of chance, dominos is a game that is won using mathematics and good memory. The Brugal rum company recently sponsored the publication of a book explaining the advanced techniques used to win games. The book by Jacobo Herrera Guerra guides players to the better strategists and explains the principles that will considerably improve their game. The book is for sale at the Centro Cuesta del Libro, La Trinitaria, Mateca, Avante, and can also be requested by mail, writing to the author directly at [email protected]

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