November 9, 2004
  • Permanent bridge over Chavon ready soon
  • Civil Aviation Board members
  • El Portillo in Samana reopens
  • Aquarius opens in Bonao
  • WTO on spectacular rebound of tourism in 2004
Permanent bridge over Chavon ready soon
John Modesto, vice president of Grupo Modesto announces that the permanent bridge over Chavon River will be in operation by 15 November. The bridge has cost RD$71 million and was built higher than the previous structure so that it would not be vulnerable to a collapse, as happened following the surge of waters caused by Hurricane Jeanne in September. A temporary causeway has been in place since October.
Civil Aviation Board members
The Department of Civil Aviation (DGAC) announces the new members of the Civil Aviation Board. They are: Minister Norge Botello, Carlos Veras, legal advisor to the Executive Branch Cear Pina Toribio, and Brigade General Pedro Pena Antonio. Other members are engineer Luis Rodriguez Ariza, who is deputy director of the Civil Aviation department; engineer Amin Canaan Gomez, advisor, in representation of the Ministry of Tourism; and private sector representatives Antonio Yapor Alba and Arturo Villanueva Santiago, who is executive vice president of the National Hotel & Restaurant Asociation (Asonahores).
El Portillo in Samana reopens
El Portillo Beach Resort in Las Terrenas announces it is again open after a summer renovation. The hotel had closed in July to carry out major renovations converting it into a four star hotel on the beach. The renovated rooms now all feature air-conditioning and television. New play areas have been incorporated, as well as a new swimming pool. A third air-conditioned restaurant was built. Renovations also covered improvements in the water sports center and the dive center that have been both equipped with state of the art equipment. For reservations, contact [email protected]
Aquarius opens in Bonao
The Aquarius Hotel, Bar & Restaurant was formally opened on 25 October to the general public in the city of Bonao. Owner Mario Wells received guests attending the inauguration of the city hotel that is originally themed as an aquarium. Tourists stopping by in Bonao, centrally located between Puerto Plata and Santo Domingo, can visit the Candido Bido Art Museum, as well as partake of horseback riding, ferry rides in the Hatillo Dam, cascade swimming trips, cave exploration, and river and mountain hiking trips. For more information on the hotel, see for details on the hotel.
WTO on spectacular rebound of tourism in 2004
The World Tourism Organization reports that results for the period from January to August 2004 show a spectacular rebound of tourism as all regions saw a surge in international arrivals. The organization says that worldwide the number of international tourist arrivals is estimated to have grown by 12% compared to the same months of the previous year. Secretary General Francesco Frangialli highlighted that tourism is firmly back on the upward track, following last year’s depressed figures due to the Iraq war, SARS and the weak economy.
For the entire eight-month period from January to August, the number of international tourist arrivals is estimated to have reached around 526 million, corresponding to an increase of some 58 million arrivals (+12%) compared to the same period of 2003.
The Caribbean received its share of the increase in travel. WTO reports that Caribbean arrivals grew by 8% over the first eight months of 2004, and apart from some exceptions such as Bermuda or Martinique, all destinations maintained the good results of the final months of 2003, as competitive advantages derived from a weak US dollar continued. Major destinations such as the Bahamas, Cuba, the Dominican Republic, Jamaica and Puerto Rico reported increases between 7% and 10%, while many of the smaller destinations reported double-digit increases.
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