July 12, 2005
  • Hilton opens in Santo Domingo
  • To track the storm
  • Keep your JetBlue flight plans
  • Register with DR1 Status page
Hilton opens in Santo Domingo
Hilton Santo Domingo opened to the general public today, 12 July. It is the Hilton’s 14th hotel in the Caribbean. Located on the Caribbean Sea-fronting Malecon boulevard, the hotel has 228 sea-view rooms throughout its 21 floors that make it the tallest in Santo Domingo. Hilton Santo Domingo was designed to cater to the needs of the business sector. It has a meeting room area of 17,000 square foot fully equipped with the latest technologies. General manager Charles Muller invites all to visit the newest hotel in the Dominican Republic. “We have trusted that the growing potential of a country like the Dominican Republic to operate a property at the standard of Hilton Santo Domingo and above all we are pleased to contribute to the development of upscale tourism in the city of Santo Domingo,” he stated. “Our staff is without doubt the best resource of Hilton Santo Domingo. Our team and I ensure truly incomparable stays for all our guests and visitors. We invite you to put our services to the test,” he said.
See http://dr1.com/directories/hotels/hilton_santo_domingo.shtml
To track the storm
Tropical Storm Emily started as Tropical Depression 5 and is expected to enter the Caribbean as a hurricane. The current track places this storm fairly close to the Dominican Republic on Friday morning. It is however still a little early to make certain predictions for our area, as the error rate on long-term predictions is fairly large. Nevertheless, our correspondent in Punta Canta advises that the current 1 - 3 day forecast (which has a much smaller error rate) still places Punta Cana inside of the envelope of potential landfall. We are watching this system closely and will have more specific information on http://www.dr1.com/forums/showthread.php?t=41656 as the storm develops.
Also visit the main DR1 Weather Forum, see http://dr1.com/forums/forumdisplay.php?f=34, for expert opinions on how to prepare.
See the DR1 Hurricane Page for background information on hurricanes in the DR and other links for information on the storm. http://dr1.com/weather/hurricanes.shtml
Keep your JetBlue flight plans
JetBlue announced it would waive change fees and fare differences to any customers affected by Tropical Storm Emily has she makes her way through the Caribbean. The company said that travelers to both Puerto Rico and Santiago from Wednesday 13 through Sunday, 17 July would be free to rebook their travel on or before Tuesday, 19 July to avoid any inclement weather that may affect the area.
Register with DR1 Status page
With Emily becoming the fifth named storm to enter the Caribbean, hoteliers in the Dominican Republic should visit the DR1 Hotel & Resort Status Page to enter their details. This page is updated often as information from DR1, travel industry and official sources becomes available, carrying timely information from the hotels themselves if a storm may affect the country. The reporting service is free and empowers businesses to have a voice in the forefront and tell what has happened to their hotel, not depending on other sources to provide the status information.
The page was created following the experience of Hurricane Jeanne in 2004, when within the same areas some hotels were affected and others not. Jeanne was also a rare storm to affect several areas in the Dominican Republic. See http://dr1.com/status/ for status information or to enter business details.
Be prepared now.

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