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July 19, 2005
  • Coffee Ecological Park opens
  • Misa Flamenca - Los Gitanos Cantan a Dios
  • Dominican weds famous soccer player
  • Punta Cana gets Cancun passengers
Coffee Ecological Park opens
A total of 425 “tareas”, equivalent to 27 hectares or 70 acres, have been converted into the Coffee Ecological Park by the Santiago Development Association and the Coffee Council in La Cumbre, on the Luperon Tourist Highway between Santiago and Puerto Plata. The idea for the park began in 1997 as part of an inter-institutional collaboration between the Association, the Ministry of Agriculture and the former Coffee Commission, now known as CODOCAFE. The area is part of one of former dictator Rafael Trujillo’s mansions. Also helping with the project were the Kellogg Foundation, the Peace Corps and the Corporation of Free Zones, who contributed money and designs for the park.
APEDI president Felix Garcia called the project “part of the Association’s effort to develop and preserve the region’s natural resources by means of an ecological park.” The association is also supporting the conversion of 50 hectares formerly of the Santiago Airport into the city’s Metropolitan Park.
Referring to the Coffee Park, Garcia pointed out that it took RD$8 million to provide areas for parking, gift shops and craft workshops, as well as an administrative office and cafeteria.
The park has four look-out points, providing visitors with views of Santiago and Puerto Plata as well as of the Cibao Valley and the surrounding area of La Cumbre.
During the inauguration, the Vice Minister for Public Works in the Northern Region, Porfirio Brito, announced that work would begin on the Luperon Tourist Highway within three weeks, since the rains have made the roadway nearly impassable in several places.
Misa Flamenca - Los Gitanos Cantan a Dios
Gypsies singing to God, or a Flamenco Mass will be presented at Plaza de Espana in front of the Columbus Alcazar in the Colonial City. Not to be missed, this is scheduled for the evening of Saturday, 23 July. This is one of the most applauded Spanish cultural events. It is a production of Fundacion Frontera Inc. 14 Spanish artists, plus a choir of 20 Dominican voices members of the National Choir will perform. Written by Tito Losada, the Misa Flamenca is described as a fusion of religious text with Spanish flamenco music, in an awakening of passion, love and drama. The event is backed by the City of Santo Domingo, the Cultural Center of Spain (CCE) and the Agencia Espanola de Cooperacion Internacional, and the Club de Lectores del Listin Diario. Admission is free.
Dominican weds famous soccer player
Consuelo Matos Gomez wed super millionaire Romanian soccer player, who plays for Juventus this August. Prior to joining Italian champion Juventus, striker Adrian Mutu had played for Chelsea. Consuelo Matos had been in Rome since her father, Leo Matos Berrido was appointed ambassador to Italy. Her father is also president of the Dominican League of Baseball.
She was appointed consul during his term and then moved on to the position of advisor to the Embassy of the Vatican with the change of government. As reported in Sports Illustrated, the marriage took place on 4 July in La Vega. Mutu said that a religious ceremony would be held in Romania in October.
Mutu and Consuelo vacationed in the Dominican Republic this summer.
Punta Cana gets Cancun passengers
Tourists that would have vacationed in Cancun are being sent to Punta Cana on the East Coast, after Mexico was affected by Hurricane Emily. Resumen Turismo reports that Air Europa and Globalia passengers are being diverted here. Others that had booked the flight are being given the option of their money back. The hurricane caused damages to the Mexican tourist areas of Cancun, Playa del Carmen and Cozumel. Emily also caused damages to some areas in Jamaica.

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