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July 11, 2006
  • Government to invest in airports
  • German flights to Samana
  • Guavaberry plans second golf course
  • North Terminal ready at Las Americas
Government to invest in airports
The director of the government airport department, Andres Vanderhorst has said that the government has plans to invest US$2.5 million (approximately RD$120 million) in the construction or improvement of airports nationwide. This includes the construction of terminals in Constanza, Monte Cristi, Pedernales (Cabo Rojo), Dajabon, Jimani and Samana.
He announced that Constanza's airport will be used for exporting fruit, vegetables and flowers to the Caribbean islands, but that it would also cater to domestic flights for tourists from other destinations in the country. The Monte Cristi landing field is scheduled to reopen on 16 August.
Vanderhorst said that this week the government would start work on paving the runway at Pedernales airport, in order to serve tourism that will come with the development of the protected area of Bahia de las Aguilas.
German flights to Samana
German airline Condor has announced its scheduled El Catey, Samana (airport code AZS) flight from Frankfurt International Airport (FRA). The plan is to fly twice a week, with departures from Frankfurt on Wednesday and Sunday and return flights on Monday and Thursday. The flight would commence on 7 November 2006 and continue through 24 April 2007.
LTU is also announcing that it will serve Samana from 7 November. LTU is posting flights from Dusseldorf from 7 November through 19 March.
Guavaberry plans second golf course
Guavaberry group president Jesus Rodriguez Sandoval has announced that this year will see the start of construction of a second Gary Player golf course at the Juan Dolio residential and vacation community. The second phase of the project, to be developed over a five-year period, encompasses the construction of new homes, bringing the total of the project to 3,000 homes, or an investment of approximately US$300 million. Rodriguez announced that in September, the development would open to the public a new polo ground surrounded by seven condominiums with 10 apartments each and construction would start on a mall with spaces for banks, restaurant, supermarkets and pharmacies to service the Guavaberry community and nearby real estate developments in Juan Dolio and Guayacanes. Also part of this phase two is the construction of a 60-room deluxe boutique hotel starting in 2007. A third polo course is scheduled to start construction in 2008.
North Terminal ready at Las Americas
Aerodom has announced that the north terminal at Las Americas International Airport would be open for business starting Saturday, 15 July. The expansion of Santo Domingo's main airport cost US$27 million.
Airport spokesperson Astrid Diaz Menicucci said that the terminal would provide 14 new aircraft slots at the airport. The new terminal has the capacity to service four wide body jets at the same time. The North Terminal covers an area of 17,000 square meters. The new terminal increases the airport's capacity by 65%. President Fernandez is expected to attend a formal inauguration ceremony that would be scheduled from 15 July through 15 August.

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