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December 4, 2007
  • DR coffee in Algusto
  • Orlando-Santo Domingo by JetBlue
  • Golf tourism keeps growing
  • Welcome Punta Cana launched
DR coffee in Algusto
The Dominican Republic has taken part in the Algusto, Saber y Sabor (Knowledge and Flavor) fair held in Bilbao. The fair is the Spanish response to the Turin's Salone del Gusto. It took place at the Bilbao Exhibition Center. The aim behind the show, the only one of its kind in Spain, is to promote the philosophy that the Slow Food movement has been championing all over the world for more than 20 years now. The fair took place between 29 November and 2 December, and given its success is expected to become an annual reference point in the artisan food and cuisine industry. The fair also had the support of the Basque autonomous government and the city of Bilbao.
In the inaugural run of the Bilbao gastronomical event, 242 companies exhibited their products. The Dominican Republic brought organic coffee. Other exhibiting countries were Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Ecuador, Guatemala, Holland, Mexico, Peru, Egypt, Morocco, Malaysia, France, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Portugal, Italy and Spain.
There were tastings of all kinds, lectures, and world famous chefs prepared their fare for audience tasting in this Spanish effort to promote the Slow Food philosophy that combines pleasure and knowledge.
Orlando-Santo Domingo by JetBlue
Easter and summer travelers considering Disney World in Orlando next year should look into what JetBlue will be offering. Flights from Las Americas International Airport in Santo Domingo to Orlando International Airport are due to begin on 6 March. Regular fares between Orlando and Santo Domingo start at US$99 to US$349 each way (plus taxes).
The JetBlue flight is the only non-stop service between both cities. Flight times are departing MCO at 1:55pm arriving SDQ at 5:35pm, and departing SDQ at 6:20pm, arriving MCO at 8:20pm. JetBlue uses an Embraer E190 fleet with complimentary first-run movies on the airline's seatback televisions.
"We are very excited about this new route connecting Santo Domingo to Orlando, Florida's largest airport," said Astrid Diaz, CEO of Aeropuertos Dominicanos Siglo XXI. "This will be welcome news for thousands of Dominicans who travel to Orlando each year for vacations or to visit family and friends, many who have discovered the excellent shopping and other attractions of central Florida. Likewise, it will draw thousands more US visitors to Santo Domingo, one of the Caribbean's most popular and hospitable destinations."
Golf tourism keeps growing
The international golf market is a driving force in the global holiday and tourism market. According to the Golf Benchmark Report 2006, demand has grown significantly: There are now over 57 million golfers and 31,000 golf courses worldwide.
The International Golf Travel Market, the leading golf travel fair, foresees that the trend will continue and several Dominican golf properties are taking part in an event in Cancun, Mexico this year with 55 countries attending, up from 47 the previous year. Forecasts are for the golf travel market to further develop over the next 10 years, driven largely by increased life expectancy, improved and cheaper air transport, healthier lifestyles, a growth in disposable income and media coverage in emerging economies.
For information on Dominican golf properties, see www.dr1.com/golf
Welcome Punta Cana launched
The National Association of Hotels & Restaurants (Asonahores) and its East Coast section announce the launch of the Welcome Punta Cana, a new 64-page what to do/what to see guide for tourists staying at hotels along the entire 50km stretch.
Content for the guide was specially produced by Dolores Vicioso, editorial director of dr1.com and is part of a combined dr1-Asonahores effort to make more information available so tourists can venture out and have a better overall travel experience.
The guide features an extensive listing of restaurants and nightspots, tours readily available, insights into local culture and attractions in the area.
The guide will be launched at an event at the Hard Rock Cafe at Palma Real Villas Shopping Village at 6:30pm on Tuesday, 4 December. It will be distributed free of charge throughout the Punta Cana area resorts.

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