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November 10, 2009
  • dr1guide at the World Travel Market
  • DR predicts cruise tourism up by 20%
  • The apostille & weddings
  • Dominicus is BlueFlag beach
  • Colombian food festival
dr1guide at the World Travel Market
The dr1guide to Santo Domingo was a hit with visitors to the Dominican Republic stand at the world's 2nd largest travel trade show. More than 50,000 travel professionals are expected to attend the World Travel Market, providing even more great exposure for our dr1guide clients!
WTM is held annually at London's ExCel center.
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DR predicts cruise tourism up by 20%
The DR is seeing cruise tourism go up by 20% this year compared to 2008. According to Deputy Tourism Minister Magaly Toribio, half a million cruise tourists visited the Dominican Republic last year. Toribio said, "This is the key moment to position the Dominican Republic in the cruise industry", adding that the DR competes with Puerto Rico, Santa Lucia, Grand Cayman, Jamaica and the Mexican resort of Cozumel, among others.
The Ministry of Tourism is working on a joint strategic plan with the cruise lines. The aim is to get cruise passengers to have more fun and spend more money while in port.
The Dominican Republic will host the Florida Caribbean Cruise Association 2010 trade show in October.
The apostille & weddings
Dominican wedding documentation expert Isabel Gonzalez says the newly approved procedure of the "apostille" has limited application to wedding documentation for foreigners seeking to marry in the DR. She recommends that couples wishing to marry in the DR continue the same procedures to avoid paying for a procedure that could end up being incomplete.
The apostille only applies to government/state-issued documents. "The single status affidavit is the most important of the required documents and it is not issued by the government/state and therefore must be translated to Spanish and certified by the Dominican Consulate," she says. "To ensure a smooth process and further international validity, all legal documents must be translated into the official language of the country where the couple will marry.
"The legal requirements have not changed because the documentation is still requested translated into Spanish and the translations are certified by the Dominican Consulate. The same is true when foreigners present their wedding certificate to the authorities," she explains.
She says, nevertheless, that in this case the apostille does simplify matters because it "certifies the authenticity of the document." This provision will also work for Dominicans when a document that has been issued by the Dominican government is presented abroad.
Wedding certificates issued in the DR to foreigners can be "apostilled" for their authentication, says Gonzalez. "But remember that the authorities will anyways require them to be translated and certified by the Dominican Consulate. The translated and certified wedding certificates are necessary to change one's last name or for any legal procedure".
While the civil registry charges approximately US$300 for a civil marriage ceremony, going through a resort adds benefits that reduce the cost considerably. Free wedding packages may be offered to couples committing to stay a minimum number of nights at the hotel, or bringing large groups of friends. Some resorts may even offer upgrades and/or other incentives.
Given the rising costs of getting married abroad, a Dominican resort wedding now makes more sense than ever before. All-inclusive properties are perfect for large family and friend reunions, and everyone can enjoy for one fixed price.
Gonzalez estimates that 200-400 weddings are carried out monthly in the DR.
She says that translations continue to be required for birth certificates, divorce decrees, death certificates, etc. and these still need to be certified by the Consulate.
For further inquiries, write to Isabel Gonzalez at [email protected]
Dominicus is BlueFlag beach
Bayahibe's La Laguna beach in Dominicus has once more received Blue Flag certification. The Institute of Environmental Law in the DR (IDARD) issued the certificate to the beach for 2009-2010. This brings the total Blue Flag beaches in the DR to seven.
La Laguna was the first Blue Flag beach in the Caribbean. But getting the certification is one thing, and keeping it is even harder. Dominicus had lapsed but is back again. The Blue Flag accreditation for La Laguna now runs from the Oasis Canoa, crossing in front of Catalonia Gran Dominicus, Iberostar Hacienda and the Dominicus public beach, on to the Viva Wyndham Dominicus Palace and Beach resorts.
La Romana-Bayahibe destination is now applying to certify the Bayahibe town beach and the Soco beach for 2010-2011.
Requirements for this prestigious accreditation are expensive and rigorous. Beach water quality is constantly monitored and maintained at high European standards, information and environmental education programs need to be in place, as well as environmental management, security and services at the beach, such as a lifeguard every 100 meters and public bathrooms.
Water quality monitoring has begun, combined with programs to educate beach users. If these two beaches succeed in obtaining this additional certification, the region will have the most accredited in the Caribbean.
Kelly Robinson de Schaun, executive director of the Romana-Bayahibe Hotels Association says that the beaches are important ecosystems for all. She says that the Blue Flag scheme encourages users to collaborate with the preservation, quality and cleanliness of these important resources. "We are pleased to open the way so that other beaches in the country can become interested in receiving this important environmental quality seal," she said.
Other Blue Flag beaches in the DR are:
Cabeza de Toro, Punta Cana - Dreams Palm Beach, Grand Oasis, Natura Park.
Puerto Plata: Costa Dorada Grand Oasis and Costa Dorada Iberostar. Playa Dorada I and Playa Dorada II.
Colombian food festival
The Intercontinental V Centenario and the new Holiday Inn Santo Domingo are dedicating the last week of November to Colombian culture and gastronomy. Gastronomy, Macondo and Caribbean Music will run Monday, 23 November through Tuesday, 1 December, featuring a gastronomy festival, performances by Son Bolero of Medellin and Swing Latino music groups, and a photo exhibition by Leo Matiz. Hotel Intercontinental Medellin chef Javier Castelar is coming to Santo Domingo for the event for the second consecutive year, and promises an authentic Colombian gastronomical experience for all.
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