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February 16, 2010
  • dr1guide new edition
  • Prestigious award for Frank Rainieri
  • New Viva Residence in Samana
  • La Vega carnival
dr1guide new edition
A new edition of the dr1guide is circulating at Santo Domingo hotels. The guide provides insights into the main attractions and events taking place in the capital city of the Dominican Republic. The complimentary guide is distributed at leading hotels.
Prestigious award for Frank Rainieri
The American Academy of Hospitality Sciences has honored Frank Rainieri, president and CEO of the Puntacana Group, with their prestigious Personal Achievement Award. The award recognizes his work as a pioneer and leader in the development of sustainable tourism in the Dominican Republic.
Owners and operators of the Puntacana Resort & Club, the Puntacana Group was established in 1969 by Rainieri and New York attorney Ted Kheel. Over the past 40 years, Rainieri and his family have provided inspiration, leadership and enthusiasm for sustainable development that has made Punta Cana one of the most successful and popular resort destinations in the world.
“We are sincerely honored to be recognized by AAHS for our work in this field”, said Rainieri when receiving the award on 29 January. “When we began to develop the Puntacana Resort & Club over 40 years ago, the concept of “Sustainable Tourism” did not exist; our decisions were based on commonsense, our limited resources, and a deep respect for the Dominican Republic, its people, and incredible natural resources. We are very proud to now be considered leaders in this field and look forward to their continued implementation at PCRC.”
The American Academy of Hospitality Sciences awards are for excellence in travel, cuisine, luxury products and services. It is best known for its Five Star Diamond Award, given to establishments that are deemed to be of pinnacle quality. The award was presented at a ceremony hosted by the Caribbean Hotel & Tourism Association in December in San Juan, Puerto Rico.
New Viva Residence in Samana
The Viva hotel group is presenting its new hotel in Samana, the Viva Residence Bahia Estela (40 units) in Coson, Las Terrenas. This is the third residential vacation property offered by the Viva brand. Viva was first known for its all-inclusive hotels in Bayahibe/Dominicus before expanding to Puerto Plata, Samana, the Bahamas and Mexico. The others are Viva Residence Las Terrenas (76 units under construction also at Playa Coson) and Viva Residence Playa Dorada, in operation in Puerto Plata. Promoter Rafael Blanco Canto made the announcement last week, saying that Viva is betting on the future of Samana in the wake of the investments being made and the major infrastructure projects launched by the government. These include the construction of the aqueduct, a residual water treatment plant, the new highway to Las Galeras, and the new Atlantic-bordering boulevard that will eliminate the need to make the winding Las Terrenas mountain crossing from the southern side of the Samana peninsula. Blanco also mentioned the Samana international airport and new urban renewal initiatives in Las Terrenas.
Viva Residence Bahia Estela units have two rooms and 110 square meters right on the beachfront.
La Vega carnival
All visitors to the Dominican Republic in February should do their best to attend the La Vega carnival, or the parades in Bonao and Santiago, considered the most colorful in the country. In 2006 UNESCO recognized the La Vega Carnival as the fourth in the world, after the carnivals in Rio de Janeiro, Trinidad & Tobago and Santa Cruz de Tenerife (Canary Islands, Spain). The La Vega carnival is organized by the Union Carnavalesca Vegana (UCAVE), the first carnival organizing institution to be founded. Carnival parades take place in La Vega, Bonao.

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