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June 29, 2010
  • Time to check out the zoo
  • West Side Story in Spanish
  • Pablito Guzman Cabarete Classic
  • The next generation of golf pros
Time to check out the zoo
Forget the new wacko Zooberto Park in Santo Domingo and go for the real thing.
The National Zoo announces the complete remodeling of its snake display. Most people are fascinated by snakes and 19 endemic species can be seen through reinforced glass, labeled with informative data in Spanish. There are no poisonous snakes in the DR, and snakes are important bio-control species. At the Zoo, check out the Boa Hispaniola and Green Snake from the DR. Also see the Desert Boa, Burmese Python, Argentine Tegus, Red Tail Boa Constrictor and Anaconda, among others. The Santo Domingo Zoo is located in northern Santo Domingo, at Av. La Vega Real, Arroyo Hondo. Children pay RD$60 admission p/p and adults RD$100.
The Zoo is open from 9am to 5pm. Plan on getting there earlier than 3pm to make the most of the winding trails. Best to spend a whole morning or afternoon to see all the many areas. The Zoo is especially attractive to those who enjoy long walks. The zoo is closed on Mondays. For more information, call 809-378-2149.
West Side Story in Spanish
West Side Story, the Dominican version of the famous Arthur Laurents and Leonard Bernstein Broadway musical now directed by Sarah Esteva, continues at the National Theater this coming Friday, 2 July, Saturday 3 July at 8:30pm. On Sunday 4 July at 7pm. Local adaptation of the choreography is by Carlos Veitia, musical direction Amaury Sanchez, stage set is by Fidel Lopez, and lighting is by Bienvenido Miranda.
Tickets: RD$1,500, RD$1,000 and RD$600.
Pablito Guzman Cabarete Classic
Cabarete is preparing for the Pablito Guzman Cabarete Classic windsurfing contest, starting on 14 July. Sailors will compete through 18 July. Fashion show, live band music and evening entertainments are on the agenda from day 1, as the competition is being promoted as a "fun event". There are categories for the entire family, from mini-juniors (13 and under) through three adult categories, and the event is open to windsurf races of all ages and abilities. In fact, there are 14 categories of competition: mini-junior girls slalom (13 and under), mini-juniors basic slalom (13 and under), mini-juniors pro kids slalom (13 and under), juniors slalom (14 to 17), mini juniors freestyle (13 and under), women's slalom, open class slalom, sport class slalom (first time racers, fun racers, beginners), open class formula, open class freestyle, long distance race.
The next generation of golf pros
The Puntacana Ecological Foundation is awarding golf scholarships to young people from Veron, the largest working class neighborhood in the Punta Cana and Bavaro area. The scholarships enable young golfers from low-income families to take part in the Youth Golf Program that provides professional training. The scholarships cover the green fees, transportation and equipment. The funds for the program come from the Sun & Fun Charity Golf Tournament sponsored by the Punta Cana International Airport and Hard Rock Cafe in May 2010.
Jake Kheel, director of the Puntacana Ecological Foundation said that the project seeks to involve local communities with the sport of golf. He said that before the program was created, young people from Veron had few opportunities to learn about golf.
Walter Zemialkowsky, director of operations at the Punta Cana International Airport, is optimistic that the program will develop new talents and provide new job opportunities.
Jeff Neal, director of the La Cana Golf Course said he was honored to receive the donation to support the largest golf academy for young people in the east, the Puntacana Junior Golf Academy.

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