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September 7, 2010
  • Asonahores has a new name
  • Dominicana Moda
  • Watch those storms
  • Encounter the aroma of the best cigars
Asonahores has a new name
The National Hotel & Restaurant Association (Asonahores) has a new name. It now wants to be known as the Dominican Republic Hotels and Tourism Association. The association, which dates back to 1962, has concentrated on representing hotels and restaurants.
In its annual meeting in July, the members decided to open to other tourism businesses, while keeping the acronym Asonahores.
In her last speech as president, Haydee Rainieri said that one of the most important steps taken by Asonahores in the past two years was to adopt the role of serving as a unifying force that draws private tourism businesses together. Organizations that also fall under Asonahores are the Dominican Association of Restaurants (ADERES), the Association of Fast Food Restaurants (ADECOR), the Association of Real Estate Tourism Properties (ADETI), the Dominican Association of Airports, and the Association of Ports and Marinas.
She also stressed the role of Asonahores in working with government and other business organizations. See
Dominicana Moda
Dominicana Moda is being held at Santo Domingo's Hotel Occidental Embajador from 18-23 October. This year, Oscar de la Renta is the special guest fashion designer, and he will stage the closing show. Some 45 national and international designers will be participating in the annual event. Coming from abroad are Tirso Rubio of Honduras and Dominican Rogelio Velasco, a graduate of Altos de Chavon design school whose Velasco Couture atelier specializes in outfits for celebrities and US high society. The organizers are Mirka Morales, Socrates McKinney, Fidel Lopez and Ventura Lopez, representing the hotel. The contest has served to launch many innovative designers and new models, and showcases the latest design trends to the Dominican public. It also makes a difference - Dominicana Moda has donated RD$60 million to 30 charitable organizations.
Well-known designers taking part this year are Leonel Lirio, Jackeline Then, Belkola, Moises Quezada, Larissa Salcedo, and Giannina Azar. The newcomers include Carlos Frank Then, Wendy Luzon, Oriet Domenech and Juan Cotes.
Watch those storms
September is the peak month for hurricanes in the Caribbean and Atlantic Basin. While hurricanes get lots of press, the chances of getting caught in a storm are not that high. For instance, in 80 years, Punta Cana has only been hit by three hurricanes (Jeanne 2004, Hortense 1996, Edith 1963) and ditto for Santo Domingo (Georges 1998, David 1979, San Zenon 1930).
If you do "luck" out and get caught by one, consider yourself fortunate. See it as the adventure and story of a lifetime. With the exception of north coast hotels, most hotels in the DR have already weathered a hurricane. Safety will be in no way be compromised as long as management instructions are followed.
For tracking hurricanes as they make their way to the island, follow Mike in his weather reports at
Read more about hurricanes at
For general info on weather in the DR, read
Encounter the aroma of the best cigars
Whether or not you are a cigar aficionado, if you will be visiting, don't think twice and make the most of the opportunity to tour the Tabacalera de Garcia Cigar Factory. The factory opened its gates to the public for tours this year. Watch the hands that roll some of the best cigars in the world. More than 300 different blends are made at the factory.

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