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January 11, 2011
  • Santos de Palo Exhibition Center
  • Land whale observatory
  • Rich and famous vacation in DR
  • Origins and history of Calle El Conde
Santos de Palo Exhibition Center
The Bonao Santos de Palo arts group now has its own museum and sales center - the Bonao Exhibition Center and Wooden Saint Sculptures Gallery. The new center is located right on Duarte Highway next to the La Gran Parada shopping stop. The store/gallery was set up with the help of a contribution from the Falcondo Foundation and Xstrata Nickel. It adds to the attractions of centrally-located Bonao, as an arts and culture center midway between Santo Domingo and Santiago and the north coast. The group was founded by Bonao arts and crafts teacher, Pedro Mendez. Attending the event were Antonio Garcia, general manager of Xstrata, artist Candido Bido and Environment Minister Jaime David Fernandez.
The painted wood sculptures, or Santos, are images of saints, holy figures and legends of popular Catholicism that form part of a major folk tradition and legacy of Spanish heritage in the Dominican Republic. Each sculpture reflects the individual talents of their creators.
Land whale observatory
This Saturday, 15 January the Ministry of Environment is inaugurating the country's first land whale observation point. The observatory will be located at the southeastern Punta Balandra that is located where the Samana peninsula curves to the north. The observatory is easily accessible from Samana city.
The inauguration coincides with the start of the 2011 humpback whale watching season, which lasts from 15 January to 15 March.
Hundreds of humpback whales come to Samana Bay every year from Iceland, Greenland, Canada and the north coast of the United States to mate and give birth in the protected area known as the Marine Mammals Sanctuary.
Rich and famous vacation in DR
World celebrities chose to spend the Christmas and New Year holidays with friends and relatives in the Dominican Republic. La Romana's Casa de Campo had a good number of famous faces. Diario Libre reports that Nobel Prize laureate Mario Vargas Llosa was here, as well as former Panamanian President Martin Torrijos and Mexican singer Marco Antonio Solis. Mexican Luis Miguel and TV producer Daysi Fuentes were spotted at Mitre Restaurant in Cap Cana.
Origins and history of Calle El Conde
An exhibition has been opened at the pedestrian shopping mall, Calle El Conde in the Colonial City. The street was the center of fashion in the Dominican Republic, and is framed by dozens of outstanding examples of early 20th century architecture. The new exhibition, an initiative by Dominican architects with the support of the city of Santo Domingo, the Tourism Cluster of Santo Domingo and the Ministry of Culture, was one of the last organized for the city as part of the 2010 American Capital of Culture.
The exhibition, "Origins and History of El Conde Street" features 16 modules located in the center of the street, from Palo Hincado to Arzobispo Merino cross streets with images that seek to create an awareness of the historical and architectural importance of El Conde. It will be open through March and is part of efforts to highlight the touristic and cultural importance of the shopping thoroughfare.

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