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February 22, 2011
  • AirTran flies to Punta Cana
  • Car washes: unique Dominican attraction
  • Casa de Campo Regatta 2011
  • Blue Flag for Rio San Juan
AirTran flies to Punta Cana
Low-cost carrier AirTran Airways has begun flights from Atlanta, Georgia to Punta Cana. The daily flights depart Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International, described as the busiest passenger airport in the world. Air Tran flies a Boeing 737 on the 1,438-mile, 3 hours and 35 minute-flight. Flights to Punta Cana leave Atlanta at 10:20am and arrive in Punta Cana at 2:55pm daily. The return flights to Atlanta depart at 4:15pm and arrive at ATL at 7:20pm. The flight times allow for multiple connections. Punta Cana is the airline's sixth Caribbean destination. The airline already serves Aruba, Cancun, Montego Bay, Nassau and San Juan. AirTran competes with Delta Airlines on the route for the Atlanta market.
Southwest Airlines is negotiating for the purchase of AirTran, which would create the most expansive network of any low-cost carrier in the US. The deal is expected to give Southwest its first flights outside the continental US by continuing AirTran's service to Mexico and the Caribbean, as reported earlier in the US press. See:
Car washes: unique Dominican attraction
A feature in British newspaper The Guardian focuses on what Dominicans take for granted - the car wash as an entertainment center and tourist attraction. Writer Saptarshi Ray puts it simply: "for Dominicans, the car wash is the place to party."
He reports: "This phenomenon was illustrated recently by the erstwhile "acquaintance" of Silvio Berlusconi, Marysthell Garcia Polanco. If you've been keeping abreast of the sex and drug allegations surrounding the Italian prime minister, you may have read that Polanco, a model from the Dominican Republic, is famous in Italy for appearing in the 'sexy car wash' segment of a reality show on one of Berlusconi's TV stations. This would cause few surprises in her homeland: in fact many would speculate she gave the idea to the producers in a moment of questionable art imitating life."
To give an idea of the festive mood, he further explains:
"These places fill up in the evenings. Dominicans definitely know how to enjoy themselves, and booze and music stitch themselves into the most unlikely of institutions. Attendants at petrol stations can be seen taking a tot of rum - not in a belligerent or depressing way, it seems, but more as a statement: this is what we do. We saw a man on a motorbike, his wife sitting behind him, happily guzzling from a pint-sized bottle of Brugal rum, tipping us a simple cheers as we pulled up next to him. Fiesta, mi amigo is apparently the national mantra."
"...from Sosua on the north coast to Barahona in the south, and the country's sprawling capital, Santo Domingo, the early hours will always be filled with the crashing sounds of Dominican music, and if you're smart and up for fun, you'll experience it at the car wash."
Read the story at
Casa de Campo Regatta 2011
Casa de Campo is announcing the celebration of its Casa de Campo Regatta 2011 for 11-13 March 2011. Chief organizers of the event include Casa de Campo Yacht Club commodore Gianfranco Fini, Franco Pistone, Jose H. Vicioso, Andres Santana and Alma Taveras. During the announcement, Fini also said that Casa de Campo is preparing its own Casa de Campo Sailing Week, an ambitious project for the Casa de Campo Marina. Fini hopes the event will emulate the Heineken Sailing Week and Antigua Sailing Week, both mandatory sailing events for regatta lovers.
For more information on the regatta, contact [email protected] or call 809 523-2500.
Blue Flag for Rio San Juan
Hotel Bahia Principe Rio San Juan has raised the prestigious Blue Flag, a certification of the high quality of its beach in Escondida, Gaspar Hernandez. This is the fifth Bahia Principe (Grupo Pinero) hotel to obtain the coveted certification and the first in Espaillat province. Participating in the hoisting of the Blue Flag was the Mayor of Gaspar Hernandez, Mateo Arias, the provincial governor of Espaillat Jose Guillermo and other personalities. The general manager of the Bahia Principe Rio San Juan, Sigi de Garcia made the keynote speech and highlighted the company's commitment to maintaining the certification that requires the highest standards of water quality, environmental performance, security and services, in addition to maintaining a public beach. Garcia said that looking after the beaches is what guarantees sustainable tourism and an improvement in the country's competitiveness.
Governor Jose Guillermo Lopez said that the Blue Flag award is a joint effort of the management, and the staff at the property.
There are 11 Blue Flag beaches in the Dominican Republic, located in Punta Cana, Samana, Puerto Plata, Bayahibe and now Rio San Juan.

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