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August 30, 2011
  • Warwick International's Caribbean hotel
  • The top 7 summer bodies
  • BlackBook pushes the Puntacana worms
  • Brugal is IN
Warwick International's Caribbean hotel
The Balaji Palace Playa Grande is Warwick International Hotels' first affiliated resort in the Caribbean, as recently announced by G. Paul LeBlanc, Marketing & Sales vice president for Warwick International Hotels. This 13-suite hotel is located next to the Robert Trent Jones jewel of a golf course, the Playa Grande Golf Course, near the towns of Rio San Juan and Cabrera on the northeastern coast. It is most easily reached on flights arriving at Puerto Plata (POP) International Airport, around half an hour away.
For more on this and other hotels in the Dominican Republic, see
The top 7 summer bodies
TV host Luz Garcia announced the winners of the popular summer TV show contest, "The 7 hot summer bodies." The winners, voted by 26,000 voters of the TV audience of Noche de Luz on Channel 7 were:
The female winners were TV hosts Sharmin Diaz, Iamdra Fermin, Carmen Elena Manrique, model Eva Arias and singer La Materialista. Two men were selected, merengue star Jandy Ventura and model Rene Castillo.
The winners were then hosted by Puerto Bahia in Samana where they posed for a photo session at the new hotel.
BlackBook pushes the Puntacana worms
The Puntacana Resort & Club, which includes the Tortuga Bay hotel, is being singled out as an example to other luxury properties for their singular worm farm.
Trendy guide to style and culture, Black Book Magazine journalist Victor Ozols reports back from a trip that this is a win-win proposition, where the worms that are based at the PuntaCana Ecological Foundation work hard to engulf organic garbage produced by the hotels, which goes back as topsoil, and helps reduce garbage on the large resort. Ozols is impressed with the discovery that the worm poop-turned to dirt does not smell.
His recommendation: "So, fancy resorts of the world, please follow PUNTACANA's lead and put some worms to work today. Kick up the marketing effort and make an eco-thing out of it. You've got nothing to lose but 1,200 kilos of kitchen waste a week".
Brugal is IN
Tony Sachs of the revives the daiquiri, that simple lime, rum and ice drink, so much part of the Caribbean where it is easier to get it right. He includes Brugal among the rums to choose.
"Brugal Blanco Especial (Dominican Republic; aged at least one year, 40% ABV, $20). This is a really nice rum. It's crisp, tangy, dry with hints of fruit on the palate. In a daiquiri... it definitely makes its presence known -- as a friend of mine put it, "This one has some hello." To my mind, a good white rum's job is to harmonize with the lime juice and sugar, bringing their disparate flavors together while lending its own distinctive notes to the mix as well. In this respect, Brugal succeeds admirably."
He sums it up: "A properly made daiquiri, like a martini or a Manhattan, is one of the most elegant cocktails you'll ever drink. A deceptively simple alchemy of three ingredients -- white rum, lime juice, and sugar -- that, when combined, create true magic in a glass".

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