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May 22, 2012
  • The Leading Hotels of the World meets in La Romana
  • Runners calendar for the Dominican Republic 2012
  • Shopping mall caters to the young, too
  • More tourists visit the Dominican Republic Jan-April 2012
The Leading Hotels of the World meets in La Romana
Sales and marketing executives from the Leading Hotels of the World luxury segment chain met in Casa de Campo last week to listen to industry experts and network for their annual conference. Ted Teng, president of The Leading Hotels of the World said: "This year and into 2013, we will focus more and more on highlighting the singular unique qualities of each of our member hotels - like those found here at Casa de Campo."
Casa de Campo is one of the newer members of the chain. As the host of the conference it entertained the executives at a party at Minitas Beach, a polo match with the championship Casa de Campo polo team vs. the Leading Hotels of the World polo team, and an evening at Altos de Chavon village.
Runners calendar for the Dominican Republic 2012
Sports runners traveling to the Dominican Republic this year may consider participating in one of the many marathons scheduled for Santo Domingo, Punta Cana and Puerto Plata this year. They include:
15 K Hispaniola Marathon: Santo Domingo, 26 May 2012
Diabetes Marathon: Santo Domingo, 3 June 2012
Puerto Plata Marathon: Puerto Plata, 10 June 2012
Hispaniola-Lowenbrau Half Marathon: Santo Domingo, 24 June 2012
El Expreso (CMCM) Marathon: Santo Domingo, 7 July 2012
Punta Cana Tri Sports Summer Fest: Punta Cana, 22 July 2012
10K Cocuyo "The Challenge": 4 August 2012
42K Madrugador Marathon: Santo Domingo, 16 September 2012
10K Marathon: Santo Domingo, 27 October 2012
Tri 113 Linea Meta: Punta Cana, 28 October 2012
10K Claro Telecom Marathon: Santo Domingo, 4 November 2012
14Km Marathon: Santo Domingo, 1 December 2012
Christmas Marathon: Santo Domingo, 24 December 2012
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Shopping mall caters to the young, too
Scheduled for a 16 July opening, Agora Mall promises to entertain youngsters with the new ScreamLand, brought to Dominican children by the creators of HappyLand parks. ScreamLand is about thrills all within strict security measures. The park is 3,000 square meters of themed attractions and is being set up by Forrec Ltd., designers of Universal Islands of Adventure, Universal Studios Florida, Legoland Florida, among others.
More tourists visit the Dominican Republic Jan-April 2012
The Central Bank reports that during the first four months of this year, the number of visitors to the Dominican Republic was up 7.35%, compared to the first quarter of 2011. So far this year, there have been 1,754,892 visitors, including 120,116 more than for the same period last year. The total includes 107,650 foreign visitors and 12,466 non-resident Dominicans.
In April alone, travel for non-resident passengers was up 5.59% compared to the same period last year, with 21,134 additional tourists for a total 399,143 visitors for the month.
Travelers from North America (the United States and Canada) continue to make up most of the visitors to the Dominican Republic (59.8%). Travel from North America was up 9.04%, or 77,692 visitors for the period, compared to Jan-April 2011.
South America also is responsible for the increase in traffic, with 29,324 travelers. The region overall was up 23.86%. Travelers from South America came from Argentina (9,411), Venezuela (6,993), Brazil (4,864), Chile (3,277) and Colombia (3,157).
Travel from Europe overall was down 1,435 tourists due to declines in travel from the UK, Spain, Portugal, Germany and Italy. Notwithstanding, travel from Russia was up 21,455 visitors, and another 6,516 travelers from France.
Punta Cana International (PUJ) continues to be the preferred airport for tourist arrivals, with 981,077 non-resident arrivals from January to April 2012. This is followed by Las Americas (SDQ) with 267,824 arrivals, Puerto Plata (POP) with 174,043, La Romana (LRM) with 56,481, Cibao (STI) with 49,210, El Catey (AZS) with 32,711 and La Isabela (JBQ) with 5,055.
The Central Bank reported that the airports showing greater increases in absolute numbers were Punta Cana (74,149), Las Americas (11,959), Puerto Plata (10,780), and Cibao (10,320).
As reported, 94.37% of the non-resident arrivals visited for leisure, and 91.54% stayed at hotels. 63.92% of the travelers were between the ages of 21 and 49. Gender-wise, 50.05% were men, while 49.95% were women.

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