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March 25, 2014
  • DATE opens in Paradisus Convention Center
  • Last chance for whale watching 2014
  • Kandela shows at Altos de Chavon
  • Bavaro Festival for Easter in Punta Cana
  • Montecristi Museum works with Tourism Ministry to promote culture
  • Scrabblebiker tells the DR as it is
DATE opens in Paradisus Convention Center
Dominican tourism industry buyers and suppliers will be meeting from 26-28 March at the new Paradisus Palma Real Convention Center in Punta Cana. The Dominican Annual Tourism Exchange was created to provide a professionally organized business exchange where international wholesalers, tour operators, incentive groups, airlines, and charters operators (buyers) can meet and conduct business with the Dominican Republic's leading tourism suppliers. The event is also an opportunity for getting up to date on what is happening with the industry as government and leading players make important announcements to the media in general.
Last chance for whale watching 2014
The whale-watching season in Samana ends 30 March. Bookings, that began 15 January, are still possible through 31 March in Samana.
Thousands of humpback whales from the North Atlantic migrate to the waters of the Dominican Republic each winter to mate and give birth. Their most popular winter rendezvous is Silver Bank, the 3,000-square-kilometer reef system that is northeast of Puerto Plata. But from there many circulate to other popular areas like humans do at singles bars! One of these gathering places is Samana Bay. More than 1,500 humpbacks visit the bay, with as many as 300 present at any given time during mating season.
This is a must-do activity for all in the Dominican Republic as a tourist or as a resident.
Kandela shows at Altos de Chavon
These are the last days to see this year's Kandela tropical music extravaganza at the Altos de Chavon amphitheater in La Romana. 50 dancers and two well-known local singers will be performing for the last time on 31 March 2014?at 9pm. This is a seasonal series of performances that starts in December and ends in March. Tickets US$35 for sale in Casa de Campo and Altos de Chavon.
Bavaro Festival for Easter in Punta Cana
The Bavaro Festival is on for the eastern region during Semana Santa (Easter) that this year will be celebrated from 12 to 20 April. The organizing committee has the support of the ministries of Tourism and Culture. Local artists and musicians from Punta Cana will be performing during the free event.
The Bavaro Festival® is a non-profit organization managed by a group of volunteers with many years of experience in production of hundreds of similar concerts and events who have combined their expertise to bring this event successfully into the life of the public. The Festival's objective is to provide a way to highlight, expand and promote the cultural richness of the region by showcasing the artistic community. Local restaurants have signed up to promote special menus for the event.
For the schedule see
Montecristi Museum works with Tourism Ministry to promote culture
The Ministry of Tourism and the Historic Society of Montecristi (SHMC) have signed a cooperation agreement to rescue the leading tourist attractions and promote Montecristi as a tourist destination.
The Society maintains the Montecristi Museum and Hispaniola Research Center at Calle Duarte at the corner with San Fernando (opposite the clock tower) with free admission for all, covering the period from the earliest geology up to this time of the official founding of the town by the Spaniards in 1533. Exhibits show the culture of the original Taino inhabitants, and artifacts from the many shipwrecks in the area show the trade goods and lifestyle of the early settlers.
Minister of Tourism Francisco Javier Garcia said that Montecristi would benefit from day visitors arriving on the Carnival cruise ships once the Carnival port opens in Maimon next year. He said this is an opportunity to re-launch Montecristi that has large areas of private property for investors interested in developing tourist projects, as reported in Diario Libre.
Scrabblebiker tells the DR as it is
A Canadian woman who is touring the country on a motorbike and writing about her trip is telling adventure after adventure as she encounters the real Dominican Republic. Her trip is taking her from Santiago to Cabarete, Las Terrenas, Las Galeras and Jarabacoa. Next will be the southwest.
To read the vivid travel report, in process as we write, is to accompany this Canadian travel addict in her daring quest of going with the flow as she describes all the nuances and surprises she encounters.
She writes:
"On to Las Terrenas where I now had to stop for some food lest I collapse. A super colmado lined with dozens of liquor bottles behind a bar was blaring ear-splitting music. I stopped and shouted at the tops of my lungs at the man who worked there, trying to get some water and food. He sold me some water then got his young friend to drive him and his moto to the town centre to a little comedor. The offering of the day was rice and pork. I ordered one with a coke and before I knew it the two men also had full plates in front of them. It was passable food and I asked how much. My new friend called out to the kitchen and asked how much for three meals and two cokes. I had an inner smirk and resigned myself to the idea that I was paying for all the meals. I pulled out my wallet and my new friend almost seemed offended and said "yo pago". Then they led me back out to the highway, showed me the way to La Vega and reminded me to always shoulder check before moving. I felt somewhat embarrassed for my thoughts."
She is sharing plenty of advice for other independent travelers. She writes:
"While it seems chaotic, well OK it is chaotic, there is quite a rhythm to it. I have yet to see any deliberately mean and aggressive act, everyone just seesaws around each other and it's mesmerizing at times. It takes a few days to get used to but I'm now basically back in Mexico and Central America, even though it's much, much more relaxed here. For anyone driving here, leave your North American or European sensitivities at home and go with the flow of the locals."

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