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September 2, 2014
  • Iberia returns to Santo Domingo, great fares to attract passengers
  • Haiti opens tourism promotion office in Santo Domingo
  • Simon Suarez is new president of Asonahores
  • Samana promoted as low-cost retirement abode
  • JW Marriott opens at Blue Mall
Iberia returns to Santo Domingo, great fares to attract passengers
Iberia is marketing flights to Santo Domingo for EUR450-EUR493 from several Spanish cities. The airline returns to Las Americas International Airport after discontinuing the flights in April 2013 due to internal problems. Iberia is renewing its flights to Santo Domingo from Madrid on Monday, 1 September and is offering attractive fares to retake its market share that had been ceded to Air Europa.
Iberia is operating five weekly flights to Las Americas International Airport (SDQ).
Haiti opens tourism promotion office in Santo Domingo
Haiti wants to attract residents in the Dominican Republic to visit their neighboring country. Last week, Tourism Minister Stephanie Balmier Villedrouin inaugurated a Tourism Promotion Office at Plaza Bella Vista Center on Av. Romulo Betancourt 1306 in Santo Domingo.
She said that there are 8,500 hotel rooms in Haiti and that around a million tourists arrive every year, of whom 600,000 come on cruise ships.
She highlighted that the Dominican Republic was an important market for Haiti because of the two countries' proximity.
Simon Suarez is new president of Asonahores
Grupo Puntacana's vice president for institutional relations and projects, Simon Suarez will head the National Hotel & Tourism Association for a second time, replacing outgoing president Luis Emilio Rodriguez.
With a lengthy career in the tourism industry, he is a former vice president for development of Coral Hotels and Resort, and president of Union Hotelera Dominicana.
Abroad, he has chaired the Caribbean Hotel and Tourism Association and is a former development representative for Central America and the Caribbean for Hilton Worldwide.
Asonahores will formally present its new president on 3 September at the Embassy Suites in Santo Domingo.
Samana promoted as low-cost retirement abode
Overseas Retirement Letter has released its 2014 Retire Overseas Index where the Dominican Republic's northeastern Samana peninsula is included in a selection of eight of the cheapest places to retire.
The Overseas Retirement Letter estimates a monthly budget of US$1,155 would cut it for a couple living in Samana.
The list also includes Nha Trang, Vietnam (US$680), Dumaguete, Philippines (US$910), Chiang Mai, Thailand (US$920), Cuenca, Ecuador ($1,010), Granada, Nicaragua (US$1,040), Istanbul, Turkey (US$1,045) and George Town, Malaysia (US$1,070).
The budget includes rent for an unfurnished, midrange, one-bedroom apartment, propane, groceries for a couple, Internet, cable TV, electricity, landline phone, water, and entertainment (going out to eat twice a week).
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JW Marriott opens at Blue Mall
Catering to travelers seeking upscale accommodation, weddings, meetings and events in Santo Domingo, the city's newest hotel JW Marriott is in its inaugural first month. President Danilo Medina and Vice President Margarita Cedeno attended the first tour of the 150-room hotel on 28 August 2014. The hotel occupies the 12th to 20th floors of the Av. Winston Churchill high-rise. JW Marriott also manages large office space in the same complex. The hotel and office building is reported to have been a US$100 million investment by Venezuelan company Grupo Velutini.
JW Marriott is the third hotel to be attached to a city mall. The first was Plaza Naco, followed by the Embassy Suites that opened at the Silver Sun Tower this summer.
JW Marriott is aiming for the title of "best hotel" in Santo Domingo. With that in mind, suites have been prepared to host heads of state. The presidential suite is advertised at US$8,000 a night on their website.
The Blue Mall is home to luxury brands including Louis Vuitton, Salvatore Ferragamo and Cartier.
The hotel has an open-air terrace overlooking the city skyline, a panoramic ballroom and the attraction of its Vertygo 101 Bar with a glass-floored bar.
With 900 square meters of space for corporate gatherings and social events, the hotel can accommodate up to 600 people for a single event.

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