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April 21, 2015
  • Travel to Casa de Campo and learn to play the best football
  • Davidoff International Art Residency in La Romana
  • 5.4% more tourists visit in March
  • Punta Cana leads in airport arrivals in first quarter
Travel to Casa de Campo and learn to play the best football
Casa de Campo and FCBEscola football academy have signed an agreement to develop football academy in La Romana. The agreement was signed by Casa de Campo Resort president Rafael Torres and Fabeka Lebron, director of FCBEscola Republica Dominicana that represents Barcelona Football Club in the Dominican Republic.
The agreement is aimed at developing football in the eastern region with programs during the summer and all year round. FCBEscola will provide the coaching for the training camps.
As part of the agreement, there will be clinics and the installation of a techniques training camp. The free clinics will be held on Saturday, 25 April and Sunday, 26 April at the Casa de Campo polo field. On Saturday, 2 May there will be a techniques training session and the football camps will begin in La Romana on Monday, 29 June.
Rafael Torres says: "The great success in the development of legendary sports that have placed Casa de Campo on the world map, such as golf, tennis and polo, and the discovery that there are many children in the country with a great vocation and skill for this sport, are the reasons we have taken on this initiative and trust it will receive good support."
Fabeka Lebron of FCBEscola said the agreement would promote football culture in the DR.
Davidoff International Art Residency in La Romana
The Davidoff International Art Residency was inaugurated in Altos de Chavon, La Romana last week. The newly built residency facilities are located at the Altos de Chavon School of Design. The residency is part of the Davidoff Art Initiative that has supported Dominican and Caribbean artists since 2013 by providing opportunities for them to take part in renowned residency programs in New York City, Berlin and Beijing. As part of the global initiative, international artists will now have an opportunity to travel to the Dominican Republic in this fully two-way cultural exchange.
Davidoff is a major producer of cigars in the Dominican Republic.
The first artists to participate in the residency in La Romana were Alia Farid (Kuwait/Puerto Rico), Nuria Montiel (Mexico), Cathleen Mooses (Chicago, USA), Mathilde Rosier (Paris, France) and Soledad Salame (Santiago, Chile).
The art studio was designed by Adolfo Despradel, director of planning and design at Costasur Dominicana as a joint initiative between the Altos de Chavon School of Design and the Swiss cigar firm of Davidoff.
5.4% more tourists visit in March
In March 36,624 more tourists visited the Dominican Republic this year compared to the same month last year, for a total 537,640 non-resident travelers, including 61,120 Dominican expatriates and 476,520 foreign tourists. Of this total, 95.8% said the purpose of their visit was leisure. Tourist travel to the Dominican Republic in March was up 5.4%.
Travel to the Dominican Republic in March was 537,640 in March, which is up 7.3%, reported the Central Bank statistics division.
The Central Bank attributes the increase in travelers to more visitors coming from the United States, which is experiencing economic recovery. It says that the tourists are also attracted by the international promotion campaigns carried out by the Ministry of Tourism and the private hotel sector to consolidate the country's leadership in tourism in the Caribbean.
Tourists coming from the United States, Canada and Mexico totaled 319,088, for a 27,592 increase in March. In contrast, travel from Europe was down 13,349 as a consequence of the economic troubles in Russia. Travel from South America was up 9,227 to 43,823. Travel from Central America and the Caribbean also increased by 833 passengers in March, for a total of 13,791 tourists.
Travel in the first quarter of the year (January to March) showed 77,050 more visitors from North America, including 68,718 from the United States; 7,917 from Canada and 415 from Mexico, for a 10.2% increase. US travel alone was up 16% in the first quarter of the year.
First quarter travel from South America was up by 24,640 tourists, or 20.1%. There were 11,009 more travelers from Venezuela, 7,195 from Brazil, 3,162 from Colombia, 1,200 from Peru and 523 from Chile.
Travel from Europe showed a decline in the number of Russians for 44,598 for the first quarter compared to the same period in 2014. There were increases in travelers from Spain, up 8,846, UK with 7,883 more visitors, Germany with 5,625 more, Poland 1,471, the Netherlands 1,188 and Italy 1,186. Excluding the Russians, European travel was up 7.2% from January to March 2015.
Punta Cana leads in airport arrivals in first quarter
Punta Cana International Airport has reported 890,205 passenger arrivals, for 66.2% of all air arrivals to the Dominican Republic from January to March 2015. Airport statistics show that 334,944 of them reside in the United States, 237,274 in Canada, 61,688 in France, 51,693 in Germany, 31,624 in Argentina and 27,442 in Brazil.
Las Americas International Airport, the main airport for the capital city of Santo Domingo, received 201,711 passengers, for 15% of the total. Next was Puerto Plata's Gregorio Luperon International Airport with 10.8%. Santiago reported arrivals for 3.4% of the total, La Romana for 2.8% and between La Isabela and El Catey (Samana) there were 1.8% arrivals.
Punta Cana showed 48,430 more arrivals, Las Americas had 15,680 more, Santiago's El Cibao had 7,379 and Puerto Plata 6,870.

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