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Thread: Long-term visit

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    Default Me too

    If I wear the leather knickers, Chirimoya, will you wear the wooden shoes and a cowboy hat??

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    Tempted as I may be, better leave it for freaky - I mean funny - Friday

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    Knotted knickers? That's funny!!

    To the OP: Not to worry. If Lambada gives you the pointers, you will be fine.

    I would suggest some stomach meds, like Pepto-Bismol or That Pink stuff...

    You are changing everything, and your tummy will let you know that first off.

    Be sensible.
    Do not eat on the street, unless you are with me or Lambada or one of the really experienced locals.
    Do not eat fruit you don't peel yourself.
    Be fastidious in the kitchen, lots of soap and water, even cold water cleans well....
    Don't go "local" too fast....let it sink in....(rather than 'flow' out!!!)

    Follow the advice given here...


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    I think that this is a normal concern for anyone who is coming here- particularly if they have traveled to Mexico or Guatemala -- (the two countries where I was the sickest!) I just did not know how very angry Montezuma was!

    While it is true that there are water born(e) (is there an e there? My English escapes me) conditions here -- an perhaps all of us have had some problems off and on-- there are excellent over the counter, one day, "kill that bug pills" that take care of it- just ask at any pharmacia- they will hand them right over. (don't make the mistake of taking something that will plug the bad stuff all up inside- sorry, it is hard to discuss this all in a discrete and delicate way!)

    The important thing is that most of the agriculture here is very advanced, very sophisticated, not fertilized with---- well---- we will leave that.....

    And, despite the trash in public places, which does, one has to admit, give the impression that the people here are less than fastidious, this is not true. This is most likely the most mopping, swapping, washing up place on earth. The trash on the streets is just to get it out of their own homes and from the rather spoiled habit of having had far too many people picking up for them for far too long and not understanding that the plastics simply do not biodegrade.

    Anyway, really.... This is not really the Third World-- More like 2.75... Think more like Costa Rica, less like Guatemala.

    With the amount of Clorox that is used here, it is wonder that any germs survive at all.

    You are probably more at risk to suffer from sunburn.

    Enjoy. Relax... Do not go out in the noonday sun!

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