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Daily News - Monday, 30 May 2016 (Archived Daily News)

Mercedes Benz Fashion Week
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Final Presidential election results

The 14th Central Electoral Board (JCE) Bulletin has been published with the final count of the Presidential elections in the Dominican Republic. With 100% of the 16,070 voting stations counted, the JCE reports that of 4,708,746 votes cast, 4,611,920 were valid, or 97.94%. A total 7,765,245 voters were registered, which means there was a 30% abstention rate, similar to that in the 2012 presidential election.

President Danilo Medina and Vice President Margarita Cedeno won their bid for re-election with 61.74% of the votes for the PLD and allies, including the PRD. Of this total, the PLD received 50.22% votes, and the allied PRD party received 5.86% of the vote.

In the final count, the PRM and allies with Luis Abinader and Carolina Mejia were the runners-up with 34.98%, from 1,613,207 votes, coming mostly from the PRM with 26.82% of the vote and its ally the PRSC with 5.62%.

Alianza Pais with Guillermo Moreno received 1.83% of the vote or 84,399 votes.

The other final results for presidential candidates were:

PQDC with Elias Wessin with 0.44% or 20,422 votes, FNP with Pelegrin Castillo with 16,283 votes or 0.35%, APD with Minou Tavarez with 16,254 votes or 0.35%, PRSD with Hatuey de Camps 8,264 or 0.18% and PUN with Soraya Aquino 0.12% or 5,677.


David Collado 56.69%, Roberto Salcedo 37.10%

With 100% of the votes counted for the National District, the Central Electoral Board (JCE) has now officially announced that David Collado will be the next mayor of the capital city of the Dominican Republic. The PRM and PRSC candidate David Collado received 56.69% of the vote, compared to three-time mayor Roberto Salcedo, who lost his bid for a fourth term on the PLD ticket. Collado received 277,412 votes compared to 181,576 for Roberto Salcedo.

Diario Libre reports that the number of votes for David Collado gives him 23 of the 37 council seats compared to 14 won by the PLD, meaning that he will hold the majority for decisions in the city hall. This is 9 of 13 councilors in the Circumscription No. 1, six of 10 in the No. 2 and 8 of 14 in the No. 3.

The votes for Collado were: PRM 197,966 (40.62%), PRSC 56,485 votes (11.59), PHD 6,523 votes (1.34%), DxC 10,403 votes (2.13%) and Frente Amplio 5,072 votes (1.04%).



Ruling party retains control of Congress

President Danilo Medina was re-elected with 61.79% of the vote and the ruling PLD party has succeeded in retaining its hold on the legislative branch. According to Bulletin 14, the ruling party obtained 28 of the 32 senate seats. In the current legislature, the PLD has 31 of the 32 senate seats. The ruling party also won 125 deputy seats of 178 in the Chamber of Deputies, up from 105 in the 2012 Congress.

With 34.98% of the presidential vote, the PRM has also acquired a voice in Congress with two senate seats and 46 deputies, one national deputy and one overseas deputy.

The BIS won a senate seat, a deputy.

Alianza Pais and the PQDC each won a national deputy.



Winners of overseas congressional seats

In its 14th Bulletin, the Central Electoral Board (JCE) announces the winners of overseas deputy positions:

The winners are:

Circumscription 1 (Montreal, Toronto, Canada; New York, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Washington DC and Connecticut, USA): Ruben Dario Luna Martinez (PLD) with 45,455 votes; Jose Ernesto Morel Santana, PRM with 35,495 votes and Alfredo Antonio Rodriguez Azcona (PLD) with 22,727 votes.

Circumscription 2 (Curacao, Miami, Panama, Puerto Rico, St. Maarten, Venezuela): Levis Suriel Gomez, PLD with 20,693 votes and Adelis de Jesus Olivares Ortega (PRM) with 11,646 votes).

Circumscription 3 (Madrid, Barcelona, Amsterdam, Milan, Zurich): Marcos Cross Sanchez with 20,724 votes and Ana Emilia Baez Santana with 10,362 votes.

CEGEP + ADRU: Canada and DR universities agreement

Canada's Federation CEGEPS, the umbrella organization for colleges in Canada, recently signed an inter-institutional agreement with the Association of Rectors of Dominican Universities (ADRU) to coordinate student and professor training. The agreement was signed by ADRU president and ITLA rector Jose Armando Tavares, and Bernard Tremblay, president and director general of the Federation Cegeps.



OAS Assembly to be held 13-15 June 2016

Santo Domingo will be hosting the 46th General Assembly of the Organization of American States from 13 to June 2016. All 35 heads of state are expected for the meeting. The Ministry of Foreign Relations has built a conference center on its premises on the Santo Domingo Malecon. Costing some RD$400 million, the center is described as the largest in the country.

The theme for the sessions is the institutional strengthening for sustainable development in the Americas. Minister of Foreign Relations Andres Navarro said that since the DR is holding the temporary presidency of the Latin American and Caribbean Community (CELAC) in 2016, with the hosting of this event it positions itself as the capital of Latin America and the Caribbean this year. This year, the DR will also host a meeting of the ministers of foreign relations of the Latin American and Caribbean region in October 2016. In 2017, the DR will host a summit of regional presidents.


Dominican exports on the decline

Economist Nassim Jose Alemany of Deloitte in Santo Domingo reveals that Dominican exports in general were down 4% in 2015 compared to 2014. Exports reached US$9.5 billion last year, including an increase in mining product exports that increased from 5% of the total to 14%.

Alemany points out that if gold exports were subtracted, total Dominican exports would not have shown an increase over the past three years.

On the positive side, apparel exports to the US are up 2.99% in the first quarter of this year (January to March 2016). Exports increased from US$157.8 billion to US$162.5 billion, according to the Major Shippers Report. There was also a 6.71% increase in volume of exports, according to the same report. The data up to 29 April 2016 indicates that the DR is the 21st largest clothing exporter to the US market.


Only 23% of Dominicans have credit cards

Mastercard general manager in the Dominican Republic Delma Reyes says that studies show that 23% of Dominicans are credit card holders. Most Dominicans still use cash. Reyes says that official figures show that 43% of the population has a savings account, 28% use a payroll banking account and just 2.3% benefit from mortgage loans.

She points out that the high volume of cash use reflects the predominance of the informal economy, and has negative effects on the safety of the population.


Big fire in La Vega city produce market

The La Vega fire brigade director, Cesar Abreu says that more than 400 produce stalls and storage warehouses were destroyed in a fire caused by an explosion yesterday, Sunday 29 May 2016 at the La Vega public produce market located at Calle Serapio Reynoso. The explosion is thought to have occurred around 3am and is suspected to have been caused by an electrical short circuit or propane gas tank explosion in one of the stalls. The losses are estimated in the millions.


FJT says councilor wage increase violates Constitution

The executive director of the Justice and Transparency Foundation (FJT), Angel Reyes says that Santiago city councilors will be violating the Constitution if they order a wage increase before handing over to the new administration. Recent news reports indicate that the board of councilors is planning to raise their own wages before the changeover on 16 August 2016. Reyes said the measure should only go into effect to benefit the new members, and not the outgoing councilors. He says that Article 140 of the Constitution establishes that no public institution, whether centralized or autonomous, which manages public funds may establish rules to increase their own wages or benefits during their terms. Reyes said the FJT would be alert and will take the case to court.

Meanwhile, outgoing mayor Gilberto Serulle denied any involvement with the councilors' proposal to increase his wage from RD$260,000 to RD$450,000 a month and that of the councilors from RD$130,000 to RD$220,000. The new wage level would then be applied to their pension plans. The proposal was sent for study by councilor Candido Alvarez of the Fuerza Nacional Progresista (FNP).

Juan Carlos Liz, chairman of the board of councilors, says the proposal has the support of the PLD party councilors.

El Caribe reporters point out that the Santiago city government is currently operating with its budget in the red with debts of more than RD$600 million to garbage collection companies. The last wage increase for the councilors was applied in 2011, when their wages were raised from RD$70,000 to RD$130,000. In the past, the councilor position was voluntary.


Police catch Bulgarian in ATM robbery

The Police said on Sunday, 29 May 2016 that agents from the Criminal Investigations Department (Dicrim) electronic banking fraud investigations unit have arrested a 39-year-old Bulgarian, Miroslav Dimitrov in the act of fraudulently withdrawing cash from a bank account using an ATM machine in a Santo Domingo shopping mall. Dimitrov is accused of using cloned debit cards to withdraw RD$2,329,600 in cash from several ATMs in Santo Domingo. He was found in possession of four cloned cards at the time of his arrest. http://pn.gob.do/noticias-principales/pn-apresa-ciudadano-blgaro-fue-sorprendido-retirando-dinero-de-manera-fraudulenta-con-tarjetas-de-dbito-clonadas-en-el-distrito-nacional

Victor Estrella loses second match in French Open

36-year old Dominican tennis player Victor Estrella, ranked 87th by the Association of Tennis Professionals (ATP) failed to defeat Feliciano Lopez of Spain (ranked 23rd) during the Roland Garros French Open in Paris on Saturday 28 May 2016. He lost 3-6, 6-10, 3-6. Estrella needs to advance in his ranking in order to automatically qualify for the Rio de Janeiro Olympics. If this does not happen, he still could receive an invitation to compete.


Night of the stars ready for tomorrow at National Theater

The renovated National Theater reopens tomorrow, Tuesday 31 May 2016 with the Soberano Awards show, which honors the best of show business. The annual event is the Dominican equivalent of the Academy Awards ceremony.

The Soberano Awards are sponsored by Presidente Beer and organized by the Association of Show Business Writers (Acrocarte). This year's hosts are Cheddy Garcia and Irving Alberti and Edilenia Tactuck is the producer.

The show will be televised on Telemicro (Channel 5) starting at 7pm.

Children's Art at Agora Mall

The Agora Mall shopping mall in Santo Domingo has announced a collective exhibition of the work of Altos de Chavon students aged between 4 and 12. The Chavon kids study at the art school's Santo Domingo campus. This year, the exhibition will feature art created by the students on the theme of Portraits of Mom. The exhibition of around 50 artworks will be open from tomorrow, Tuesday 31 May to 30 June 2016 at the mall on Av. Abraham Lincoln at the intersection with Av. John F. Kennedy.

Mercedes Benz Fashion Week

The Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Santo Domingo opens this evening, Monday 30 May 2016 with the presentation of Aurea by designers Jenny Polanco and Solange Jimenez. The runway shows will start tomorrow, Tuesday, 31 May 2016 at the rooftop of the Marmotech Design Center on Av. Roberto Pastoriza at 8:30pm.

The Mercedes Benz Fashion Week will take place at the Hotel Embassy Suites by Hilton on Av. Tiradentes and Av. Gustavo Mejia Ricart from 31 May to 3 June 2016.

This year's runway shows will feature designs by Jenny Polanco, Maison Marie, Angie Polanco (Solange Jimenez), Hippolito, Carolina Socias, Marisol Henriquez, Michelle Cruz, Samantha Pae, Carolina Sanz and Xasica Garcia from the Dominican Republic. From abroad, Akai Swimwear (Colombia), Devota y Loma (Spain), Gabriel Lage (Argentina) and Charbel Zoe (Lebanon) will be showcasing their designs. The closing runway show will be by Nicolas Felizola (Venezuela).

See the program at https://www.facebook.com/mbfwsd/

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