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Daily News - 03 September 1998

Whereabouts of former congressman unknown
Attorney General Mariano Germán Mejía says that law enforcement agencies have no idea of the whereabouts of former congressman engineer Adriano Sánchez Roa, accused of RD$100 million pesos in financial irregularities while managing the state Banco Agrícola. Former Attorney General Abel Rodríguez del Orbe has said Sánchez Roa has left the country. Press reports indicate Sánchez crossed the frontier with Haiti using a diplomatic passport and from there flew to Miami in order to elude an encounter with Dominican justice.

Nationwide dengue prevention campaign
The Ministry of Public Health has initiated a nationwide dengue prevention campaign. The Society of Pediatrics reports there have been almost 500 reported cases of dengue. Dengue, and its complication, dengue haemorrhagic fever (DHF) and dengue shock syndrome (DSS) are the most important arbovirus diseases in the world today.
The Ministry of Public Health says that Dominicans inadvertently have breeding areas in their homes and has alerted Dominicans to become aware of any possible water storage areas that could serve as breeding area.
Dengue viruses are transmitted by humans by mosquitoes, especially Aedes aegypti, a species that is well adapted to life in tropical urban environments. Unlike most malaria vectors, this species preferentially feeds on humans during the day, frequently enters homes to rest and feed, and breeds in water that is stored or collects around human dwellings.
As a result, A. aegypti has invaded urban, suburban and rural settings throughout many parts of the tropics.
There is no protective vaccine for dengue, so travelers must rely on preventing mosquito bites to combat infection.
Anyone suspected of being infected with dengue, especially with haemorrhagic manifestations, should seek medical assistance immediately. If untreated or inappropriately treated, DHF and DSS have a high case fatality rate. Appropriate clinical management, in turn, reduces the rate to under 5%.

Gold medal winners awarded apartments
President Leonel Fernández promised winners of gold medals during the Central American and Caribbean Sports Games held in Maracaibo, Venezuela last month and their trainers would receive government apartments. At the ceremony when the President received the winners at the National Palace yesterday, the Minister of Sports Juan Marichal announced that the 23 gold medal winners - Wanda Rijo and Miosotis Heredia (weight lifting), Juana Arrendel (high jump), Sterling Feliz Méndez (karate) and the national basketball team - would be awarded new government apartments. The winners of silver and bronze medals would receive money awards. The DR team won 73 games, a record for the DR participation in the Central American and Caribbean sports event.

Tunnel under Tiradentes Avenue
The Ministry of Public Works announced the government will build a fourth tunnel to facilitate traffic through the 27 de Febrero Expressway. The tunnel will be built at the intersection of the 27 de Febrero with Av. Tiradentes. Other tunnels have been built at the crossings of Winston Churchill, Abraham Lincoln and Máximo Gómez avenues. The additional tunnel will cost approximately RD$20 million. The new tunnel will be accompanied with an expansion to ten lanes of the avenue in the area and the installation of a new drainage system. Deputy Minister Claudia Franchesca de los Santos said that the new tunnel should be ready in time to meet the December timetable for the completion of the 27 de Febrero Expressway.

The usual chaos at the Chamber of Deputies
The Chamber of Deputies had to suspend its work session for second consecutive day due to differences between PRD party members. Bad words, insults and even a challenge to a duel marked yesterday's session of the state's best paid employees. The president of the Chamber of Deputies, Hector Rafael Peguero Méndez suspended the session until today at 10 am.

Let's get back to the important things, says business group
The Consejo Nacional de la Empresa Privada, the nation's leading business association, issued a communiqué where it appeals to the good sense of Dominican politicians to move on and let the nation deal with the more important issues. The CONEP said that the permanent state of political conflicts the parties subject the country to is affecting the investment climate and the generation of jobs so necessary to reduce poverty levels. The business organization criticized the extension of the congressional period to designate the judges of the Chamber of Accounts, the passing of the Judicial Career Law, the election of the board of the Chamber of Deputies, the appointment of the members of the Central Electoral Board, all elements that have affected the the climate of serenity and social peace of the country. CONEP appeals to the good sense of the political forces and the members of the three branches of government so that tranquillity, credibility and faith in the future of the country return to the citizenry and the democratic system be strengthened and perfected.
CONEP calls out so thats dialogue and conciliation may prevail to achieve the national consensus on social and economic reforms that the country requires.

Highlights of the third day of the Llenas Aybar trial
National attention continued to focus on the trial of three then 18-year olds, Mario José Redondo Llenas, Juan Manuel Moliné Rodríguez, and Martin and Luis Angel Palmas, the son and husband of the former Argentinean ambassador in the country, Teresa Meccía de Palmas. 12-year old Rafael José Llenas Aybar, brutally murdered and stabbed in the back 34 times on 3 May 1996. The trial, one where police cover ups, satanic rites practices, drug dealings and other wrong doings are being brought to the forefront, is being televised daily to the nation.

Stats on Santo Domingo
More than three million inhabitants live in Santo Domingo's 200 barrios occupying 300 square kilometers. The city is forecast to have nearly five million inhabitants by year 2010. By then, the DR will have a population of over 13 million people.

Vladimir Guerrero to stay with the Expos
Dominican outfielder Vladimir Guerrero signed a US$28 million, five-year contract extension with the Montreal Expos. Guerrero, 22, will get $1 million in 1999, $3.5 million in 2000, $6 million in 2001, $8 million in 2002 and $9.5 million in 2003. Guerrero's contract is the highest ever for a player with less than two years of Major League service. Guerrero had been earning US$230,000 in his second full season in the Major Leagues.
The team's strategy is to lock in talent in view of the Labatt Park project. Guerrero would have been eligible for free agency after the 2002 season. He is a native of Baní. He is highly regarded for his power, average, speed on the bases and a strong arm on throws from right field.
At the moment of the signing, Guerrero had batted 35 homers, one short of Henry Rodriguez's club record. He also had 100 RBIs and 97 runs scored. He was second in the NL with 56 multi-hit games, third in total bases with 323, fourth in hits with 176, fifth in batting with a .328 average, and seventh in slugging percentage at .603.
Guerrero hit .302 with 11 homers in 90 games in his first year in the Major Leagues. The Expos also acquired his older brother, Wilton Guerrero, from the Los Angeles Dodgers in July.

Sosa belts 56th as Cubs top Reds, 4-2
Sammy Sosa batted his 56th home run in 140 games this season and is now only six home runs away from breaking Roger Maris's record of 61 home runs. He is trailing Mark McGwire who batted his 58th and 59th home runs against the Marlins of Florida yesterday. Sports writers are forecasting that McGwire will break the Maris record, setting a new record of 69 home runs. The 29-year-old Dominican slugger is also forecast to break the record, batting 65 home runs this season.
With his 56th homer in the 4-2 Chicago Cubs victory over the Cincinnati Reds, Sammy Sosa tied Hack Wilson's 68-year old club record.

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