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Daily News - 28 October 1998

Fireworks prohibited this Christmas
The Ministry of Interior and Police prohibited the use of fireworks in the DR this Christmas season. General Luis Rafael Díaz, spokesman for the Comisión Reguladora y Supervisora de Fuegos Artificiales, had said yesterday that imported fireworks would be permitted. But due to the number of accidents that have been occurring, he said it was decided that fireworks only be allowed for artistic presentations or major events and not for use by individuals.

Electoral court funding case to be studied
Judge Nurys Landry de Castillo of the Cámara Civil y Comercial del Juzgado de la Segunda Circunscripción del Distrito Nacional will study the case of the request of the Partido Reformista Social Cristiano and the Fuerza Nacional Progresista to deny funding of the Junta Central Electoral, the organization in charge of organizing elections in the DR. The demand for the ban on allotting funds made by the PRSC and the FNP is cited as the reason the Executive Branch has not disbursed moneys budgeted for the Junta Central Electoral, seriously affecting that organization's operation. The PRSC and the FNP dispute that the new board of the JCE was unilaterally elected by the Senate where the Partido Revolucionario Dominicano (PRD) is majority, and not by a consensus of the political parties which brought about the undisputed elections in 1996. Originally, the Judge had said she could not study the case because the Attorney General of the Court of Appeals, Juan Amado Santana, had the dossier on the case in his jurisdiction under the argument that he was studying the case of perversion against the course of justice maintained by the PRSC and the FNP against her predecessor, Judge Ricardo Ogando Contreras.

Motorbike transport to be organized by Jan 1999
The local transport authorities are organizing the service of "motoconcho," motorbike taxis. The government expects to have the service regulated and organized by January 1999. Some 175,000 mototaxis will be obliged to port an identification tag, visible to the passengers. Miguel Sánchez, who is in charge of the registration office of the Oficina Técnica de Transporte Terrestre, said that the service will first be regulated in Puerto Plata, Baní, La Romana and Santiago. Motoconchos take passengers to their exact point of destination. The service is usually faster than taking a concho, or multi-fare paying taxi, or a bus. It is also considered dangerous by most Dominicans.

Advertising prohibited on Cable TV
The Comisión Nacional de Espectáculos Públicos y Radiofonía (CNEPR) prohibited yesterday the placement of advertisements of Dominican goods and services on international cable TV channels. The local cable channels were reaping ample profits by placing advertisements in international cable TV programming. Local television stations complained that this was unfair competition. The CNEPR ruled in favor of the local stations.

San Pedro de Macorís free zone park to be expanded
The Consejo Estatal del Azúcar, the state sugar council, will donate 200 tareas (approx. 130,000 meters) to the Corporación de Fomento Industrial, that rules over government free zone industrial parks, for the expansion of the San Pedro de Macorís Industrial Free Zone Park. José Tomás Pérez signed for the CFI and Oscar Santiago Batista for the CEA. The new area will allow for the construction of 20 additional plants where some 6,000 Dominicans will be employed. The San Pedro de Macorís park is one of the largest in the country, with 114 industrial plants and 25,000 workers.
Speaking for the CFI, its director José Tomás Pérez said that the expansion will start once the CFI completes the construction of the industrial parks going up in Monte Cristi, Salcedo, San Juan de la Maguana and El Seibo and the expansion of several other industrial free zones that are already in operation. The government is investing RD$534 million pesos in the expansion program.

Sugar sales statistics
The Instituto Azucarero Dominicano, the Dominican sugar institute, reported that as of August 1998, the global production of sugar was 401,345 metric tons. Of this total, the state sugar council, CEA had produced 153,346 metric tons from December-August; and the private firms Central Romana 180,532 metric tons and Grupo Vicini 67,467 metric tons.
Inazucar reported that sales to the local market reached 26,785 metric tons. Total exports were: CEA, 111,688 metric tons; Central Romana 81,104; and Grupo Vicini 7,477 metric tons.

New name for Las Americas International Airport
The Senate passed a bill that changes the name of the principal port of entry of the DR to honor the late politician, mayor of Santo Domingo and leader of the PRD, José Francisco Peña Gómez. The Senate earlier had modified an original bill to the effect to annex the name of the politician to the present Las Americas International Airport name. But when it was sent to the Chamber of Deputies, the later chose to totally change the name to that of Peña Gómez. The PRD is majority in both the Chamber of Deputies and the Senate.
The passing of the bill is one of the first of the new Senate that has distinguished itself for not passing a single important bill. The bill received 17 favorable votes of a possible 30.
The bill will now need to be promulgated by President Leonel Fernández and published prior to it becoming law.

Hipólito takes leave of absence from PRD vice presidency
Hipólito Mejía, vice president of the Partido Revolucionario Dominicano, said he is taking a leave of absence from that post. Mejía is the leading aspirant to the post of candidate on the PRD ticket in the year 2000 presidential elections. Recently, the party ruled that those that aspire to be the presidential candidate of the party and occupy directorship positions within the party do not have to resign. Mejía is a former minister of agriculture in the 1978-82 government PRD of the late President Antonio Guzmán and an agribusiness man.

PRD ratifies congressmen to last only two years
The Political Committee of the Partido Revolucionario Dominicano (PRD) ruled to ratify the decision of the party's former leader, Dr. José Francisco Peña Gómez whereby three senators, 35 deputies and several mayors, deputy mayors and aldermen should hand in their posts to substitutes that were part of a political agreement made by the late party leader.
By handing in their posts in 16 August 2000, the congress and municipal executives also need to relinquish their benefits, including tax exempted vehicle, millionaire three year loans and 33% of their salary.
The agreement, known as the 2 x 2 formula, is against the Constitution, and if the elected officers do not choose to resign, they do not have to do so. It was enacted in order to maintain the unity.
One political analyst said that by ratifying the agreement, the party seeks to gain time. The PRD expects to win the presidential elections in year 2000 and then be able to negotiate with the elected congressmen or their substitutes government positions in order to maintain the peace.

Gloria Estefan and Juan Luis Guerra in Concert
If you are in Santo Domingo for 12 December, be sure not to miss the concert of the decade, a benefit. The Sammy Sosa Foundation, the 4-40 Foundation (Juan Luis Guerra), the Gloria Estefan Foundation, and the Foundation of Young Latin American Artists have joined efforts to present a mega concert at Altos de Chavón in La Romana. The event will mark the reopening of the La Romana artists' village, adjacent to Casa de Campo, one of the resorts that suffered most damages during the passing of Hurricane Georges. Casa de Campo is closed for repairs and has a 20 December reopening date.
Gloria and Emilio Estefan, Juan Luis Guerra, Jon Secada, Shakira, Angela Carrasco, Carlos Vives and Carlos Ponce, accompanied by a National Symphony Orchestra directed by Maestro José Antonio Molina.
The funds generated by the concert will be used to build three medical dispensaries and a school. The Ministry of Public Health, the Ministry of Education and the Instituto Nacional de la Vivienda (INVI) will be building the dispensaries and the school. The buildings will be ready by 12 December so that the visiting artists can personally inaugurate them. The group will also make a donation of US$25,000 in musical instruments to the Foundation of Young Latin American Artists, presided over by José Antonio Molina.
Producer George Nader said that each of the performers will sing two or three songs and will be performing gratis. The show will be transmitted live by Televisión Dominicana (Channel 4) and by Mango TV. He said tickets will cost RD$600 per person. Tours are being organized from Puerto Rico, New York and Miami as well as from all around the country.

Baseball games suspended for rain
Tuesday's baseball games were suspended because of heavy rains in Santo Domingo and Santiago. Tonight, the Giants are scheduled to match the Tigers in San Francisco de Macorís. The Lions will face the Aguilas in Santo Domingo.

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