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Daily News - 04 November 1998

DR defeats Germany in world volleyball championships
The Dominican Republic defeated Germany's national women's team of Germany in a dramatic game, and now has a chance at placing among the 10 top teams in the world. The press in Japan had forecast that the Dominican team would be eliminated in the first round.
Coach Jorge Pérez Vento said the victory in the volleyball world championships that opened Tuesday in Japan was "historic." He said it was the result of four years of hard work.
Coach Pérez, who was the deputy coach of the national Cuban team in the past, was thrilled with the win. "I could not believe the result," he said.
The Dominican team defeated Germany 3-2. The DR team came back from losing the opening set 1-15, to win the second, fourth and fifth sets and the game. The scores were: 1-15, 15-11, 15-6, 7-15 and 17-15.
Pérez explained that the players were nervous in the first set, which was capitalized upon by the Germans. A Dominican team hadn't competed in the World Games in 20 years.
The best players were Francia Jackson and Yudelka Campusano.
Prior to the game, the DR was ranked 15th in the world, tied with Argentina. Pérez said that the win places them in the 10th position in the world ranking of the International Volleyball Federation.
The world championships are a round robin, where the top three teams from each of four groups go on to the next round. A total of 16 teams were divided into four groups in the first stage and the top three teams from each group advance to the next round. The DR is part of the C Group that also includes Russia and Brazil. Russia defeated Brazil. The Brazilians, Olympic Games medalists, would play the Dominicans today, but unless the Germans defeat Brazil or Russia, the Dominican squad will advance to the second round. Brazil is a favorite to win one of the three top places.
The Dominican team has received invitations to travel to Spain, Brazil, Portugal, Russia, Argentina and Spain.
Dominican player Cosiris Rodriguez was hired by Pioneer, a Japanese team, to participate in the superior volleyball championship.
On the second day of the Volleyball-Women's World Championship, Brazil beat the DR, 3-0 (15-1,1-4, 15-4). Russia beat Germany 3-0 (15-8, -4, 15-6).

Politicians favor holding Pan Ams here in 2003
The president of the Dominican Olympic Committee, José Joaquín Puello said that there is consensus among the principal political parties, and numerous organizations of the civil society for the DR to seek the site of the Pan American Games in year 2003. Dr. Puello said he met with President Leonel Fernández, former President Joaquín Balaguer and the Political Commission of the Partido Revolucionario Dominicano and obtained their support for efforts of the Dominican Olympic Committee in obtaining the site of the most important regional sports event. Puello has visited the leading dailies seeking the support of editors and owners of the newspapers for the DR's quest of winning the right to host the Pan Am Games in year 2003.
Delegates from 42 countries that are members of the Panamerican Sports Organization will vote in the assembly that will be held in Panama City on 5 December. Other contenders to host the event are Gaudalajara, Mexico and Medellín, Colombia.

Sammy Sosa favors holding Pan Ams here
Sammy Sosa said that the city of Santo Domingo should receive the firm support of Latin American and Caribbean countries for the celebration of the Pan Am Games in year 2003. He said that Santo Domingo is an attractive, historic, hospitable city, full of friendly people. He feels all efforts should be made to obtain the site. "We are a country that deserves the Games," he said. He told the Dominican press that while he recognizes Hurricane Georges affected the DR, "the hurricane passed, now we have to get on with things and move ahead." He agrees with the Dominican Olympic Committee that the event will be held in five years time, and that there is time to make all necessary preparations.

City to plant 125,000 trees
The municipality of Santo Domingo initiated a tree-planting program this week. Some 100,000 shade and ornamental trees will be planted, as well as 25,000 fruit trees on the principal avenues of the city. Prior to Hurricane Georges, the city of Santo Domingo was known to be the city with most trees in the Americas. The city lost about 20% of its trees during the hurricane. Authorities are now planting with species that proved to be resistant to the hurricane force winds.

Junta gets its moneys
The Junta Central Electoral received yesterday the RD$25.3 million allotment corresponding to the month of September. President of the JCE, Manuel Ramón Morel Cerda said he expects to receive the October allotment in the next few days from the National Treasury. He said the funds will allow them to resume their preparation of the year 2000 presidential elections. The funds had been retained by the government after the Partido Reformista Social Cristiano and the Fuerza Nacional Progresista objected the election of the new board of judges of the Junta Central Electoral, the body that organizes presidential, municipal and congressional elections in the DR. The PRSC particularly has objected the president of the board because of his past differences with the party's leader, Dr. Joaquín Balaguer. The PRSC and FNP judicially demanded a freeze on the funds, alleging that the present judges of the court were elected in irregular manner. Judge Nurys Landry Castillo of the Segunda Cámara de los Civil y Comercial del Distrito Nacional ruled on Wednesday, 28 October that the funds be allotted.

New book out on palm trees
Acción para la Educación Básica (EDUCA) and the Banco Intercontinental (Baninter) have sponsored a new book, "Palmas en la RD" (Palms in the DR). Book sale profits will be used to help primary education in the DR. The book was written by German ecologist Jurgen Hoppe and is part of a collection of works that seeks to promote Dominican flora. The first edition is available in Spanish, German, French and English. The director of the National Botanical Gardens, Milciades Mejía says that the book is required reading for gardeners, landscapers and those that admire the beauty of tropical palms. The book has photos of the 26 varieties of native palms, and 19 imported species.

RD$900 million for severance payments of government workers
The National Budget for 1999, being reviewed this week by the National Government Council, will include a chapter for RD$900 million to make severance payments to thousands workers of Dominican government enterprises that are being privatized. Several government companies are in the process of being capitalized by the state.

John Hamilton's comments after visit to President Leonel Fernández
John Hamilton, Adjunct Secretary for the Interamerican Affairs, said yesterday to the Dominican press that the US sees as positive that Caribbean nations establish relations with Cuba. The nations can exercise positive influence that may lead to a pacific transition to democracy in Cuba, he believes.
He commented on advances in the development of democracy in the DR, and said that as an interested observer who has been following political development in this country he sees as positive the balance of power among the government branches (executive, legislative and judicial). "To share that power so that the necessary measures for the positive development of the nation are taken, is frequently a process full of challenges," he said. He highlighted that disagreements, discussions and debate are vital part of democracy. "Reasonable debate, with its doses of flexibility, brings conciliation and the concords that democratic governments are designed to promote," he said.

Senate passes health bill
The Senate passed the General Health Bill that has been discussed for four years by Congress. The bill will now be studied by the Chamber of Deputies. The new bill allots 14% of the total National Budget to the health sector. It also establishes new penalties for medical malpractice.

Frank Rainieri to preside businessmen's organization
Frank Rainieri, president of the Punta Cana Group, could be the next president of the Consejo Nacional de la Empresa Privada, the largest private business organization. Rainieri is at present that organization's first vice president. The entity will hold elections on 18 November. The new president is elected for a two-year period. Rainieri has been proposed by the National Hotel & Restaurant Association. It would be the first time that a representative of the tourism sector presides the organization. Rainieri is a past president of the American Chamber of Commerce, and the Hotel & Restaurant Association. He is also a former Hotelier of the Year of the Caribbean Hotel Association.

Listín Diario says singer did have problems with Minister of Tourism
The Listín Diario reports today that Claudine Bonó, the singer who will represent the Dominican Republic in the OTI song festival to be held this month in Costa Rica, did admit her meeting with Minister of Tourism Felix Jiménez did not go smoothly. The Listín published that Claudine Bonó had felt humiliated when the Minister offered US$1,000 to help fund her participation and demanded that she sing for him, and then told her she didn't have a chance. The newspaper transcribed the interview, where she says she felt "demoralized after meeting with the Minister.

Licey Tigers defeated the Gigantes del Nordeste, 8-0 in Santo Domingo. Licey now is in first place.
Aguilas Cibaeñas defeated Leones del Escogido, in Santiago, 6-3.

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