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Daily News - 31 May 1999

President Fernández travels to San Salvador
President Leonel Fernández travels this afternoon to El Salvador for a 24-hour official visit. He will be attending the inaugural of President-elect Francisco Flores. He will also discuss with his Central American colleagues the advances made on the free trade agreement signed between the DR and several Central American nations. This is President Fernández 24th visit abroad. It is his 4th visit to Central America. He will travel accompanied by Minister of Foreign Relations Eduardo Latorre; Administrative Secretary of the Presidency Simon Lizardo; Technical Secretary of the Presidency Temístocles Montás and Minister of Finance Daniel Toribio, among others.

Almost US$10 million in beer exports
The Dominican Republic exported RD$150 million in beer and malt last year, according to the National Statistics Office. 13 million kilograms of beer and one million kilograms of malt were exported to the US, Puerto Rico, Haiti, Switzerland, St. Marten, U.S. Virgin Islands, Aruba, Turks & Caicos Islands, Spain primary source markets. The US alone purchased 11 million kilograms of beer last year. Cervecería Nacional Dominicana exports of Presidente Beer and Malta Morena made up almost the totality of the exports.

Explanations for Balaguer's longevity
A special report in Hoy newspaper says that former President Joaquín Balaguer's longevity is inherited from his parents. According to the chronicle by Belarminio Ramírez, Balaguer's father lived to 84 and his mother died at 96. Furthermore, Balaguer never married, although his many illegitimate children are vox populi. He also is known to eat austerely, with an emphasis on light soups, vegetables and fruits.
Balaguer has survived all politicians of his era, and is now expected to run for President in the elections of 2000, competing with candidates that could be his grandsons.

Students to evaluate their teachers
The DR1 News and Information Service picked up an erroneous news story last Friday. The story said that the student evaluation mark of public school teachers would account for 70% of the teacher's total grade. This is incorrect. The student evaluation of their teachers will account for 30%. Today, Monday, 31 May, students will evaluate 46,000 public school teachers. The monetary incentive the Ministry of Education grants to the public school teachers depends on the overall evaluation results.

Kosovo attacks many Dominicans
Dominicans have nicknamed the latest virus affecting the country as "Kosovo" for its virulence. The virus grabs the throat first, hits with high fever, causes red watery eyes, and can knock the weak out for five days. It has been known to cause diarrhea and vomiting in some cases. The effect the virus can have on you will depend on your immunity. Kosovo will usually last three to five days.
El Siglo reports that the large amount of construction going on at the present time, by the government and the private sector, increases the number of colds affecting residents. Also, the large amount of old vehicles without catalytic converters or even mufflers increases the problem. It is normal for residents to catch three colds a year. These will occur, on average: one in October or November, one during the first half of January, and another in March or April.
Residents are recommended to eat lots of greens and fruits, drink milk and bolster the body's immunity with cod liver oil. Also, get adequate daily rest, exercise outdoors, and use clothing adequate for the weather, in order to avoid getting wet. Avoid drafts, and practice breathing by the nose. Finally, drink at least six classes of water a day.

Presidente Music Festival
The doors to the Juan Pablo Duarte Olympic Center will open this year at 2 pm to avoid the long lines of the first two years of the festival. The organizers nevertheless, are recommending the public attend using public transport.
Weapons of any kind are prohibited. Small coolers, chairs, bags, glass or plastic bottles, cans, umbrellas or video cameras are also banned from the stadium. Those found with these items will be invited to leave by personnel security. There will be food service in the stadium from 2 pm. Tickets are for sale from 9 am to 7 pm at the stadium, and on 3, 4 and 5 June as of 9 am until necessary.
All is set for the opening of the Third Annual Presidente Latin Music Festival this Thursday, 3 June. The Festival is one of the best in Latin America and gathers some of the most renowned Hispanic music stars. This year's star performers are:
Thursday, June 3rd: Dominican merengue artist Toño Rosario; Latin rock group Tribu del Sol; salsa star Victor Manuelle (Puerto Rico); Puerto Rican pop star (and novela actor) Carlos Ponce; and Colombian Latin rock sensation Shakira.
Friday, June 4th: Dominican merengue king Fernando Villalona ("El Mayimbe"); Puerto Rican salsa star Tito Rojas ("El Gallo"); Italian pop rock singer Nek (best known for his Spanish-language hit "Laura se fue"); Puerto Rican merengue sensation Elvis Crespo, whose "Suavemente" was nominated for a Grammy; and Puerto Rican pop star Chayanne.
Saturday, June 5th: Bachata star Raulín Rodríguez; Dominican merengue staple Los Toros Band; Dominican-American pop stars IIegales; Puerto Rican salsa sensation Marc Anthony; and pop ballad star Enrique Iglesias.
As was the case last year, the Festival will be held at Juan Pablo Duarte Olympic Center. Presenters will be Zoila Luna and Jochy Santos.
Tickets start as low as RD$175 for simple entrance to the grand stand, with RD$250 required for entrance to the grassy areas in front of the stage. The concert is best viewed from the cheaper grand stand seats according to reports from many that attended last year.

Carmen, for opera lovers
Now is the time to purchase tickets to "Carmen," the Georges Bizet opera, that will be staged at the National Theater 23, 25, 27 June. The production is the most important artistic presentation of the National Theater so far this year. Carlos Piantini is in charge of the production that will bring together the best of local talent and foreign guest performers. Angela Horn will be Carmen; Armando Mora, don José; Christina Fontanelli, Micaela; Moisés Franco, Escamillo; Eduardo villanueva, Captain Zúñiga. The National Symphony Orchestra will be conducted by maestro Piantini. The choirs Polifonía and Infantil will be directed by José Delmonte. Carlos Veitía is in charge of the choreography of the Ballet Concierto Dominicano. Tickets are for sale at the National Theater.

Pedro Martínez wins his first 10 games
He continues on a roll (8-game winning streak) and has already become the first Major League baseball player to win 10 games. On Saturday, 29 May, the Dominican star player of the Boston Red Sox, Pedro Martínez pitched for a 4-2 victory over the Cleveland Indians. The last game of the Cleveland vs. Boston series was won in Cleveland. Martinez allowed two runs and five hits in the game. He struck out nine without a walk. His excellent pitching was backed up by an eighth-inning home run by Nomar Garcíaparra. Martínez, who was already leading in the Majors in wins, increased his leading strikeout total to 117. May was a great month for Martinez, who posted a 6-0 record with a 2.05 ERA. Fellow Dominican Bartolo Colón lost for Cleveland. Despite the loss, Colón is having a good season.

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