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Barcelo Capella

Rating: Below average Phone: Website:
Location: Santo Domingo Fax: E-Mail:
City: Juan Dolio Contact: Value for money: Below average
Food: Average Decor: Average Service: Horrible
This (supposed 5 star) resort and the Barcello company I have to give a BIG thumbs DONW! WAY DOWN!

First off I wrote a e-mail checking on the current status of the resort with the slow down and to see if all services and facilites were still operating, I was told YES, except they had closed some of the building's of rooms due to low ocupancy (Which makes perfect sence) They assured however that all the resturants other and servcies were in full normal advertised operation.

When we arrive the price I was quoted was aruged for almost 2 hours (They tried to add 20 USD per person per day, untill I had my secratary fax the email from the manager, who then conviently remembered!) It then took them another 2 hours to get in to our rooms (and this was a 4pm check in - Hit the room at 8:15!!!

- The A/C did not work in one room, the TV in both. (And the Yankee's were in the payoff's!)
- Had too called for towels at least 5 times, to get the first set of towels!
- The main resturant was CLOSED!
- Other services were closed as well.
- The resturant constant stop having food at least an hour before the end times listed, and ran out items like buns for the hamburgers, and cheese etc. And only after many people complaned did all of a suden they food some buns etc.
- Some of the bars were closed early.
- Charged the policy of the Al La Cart resturant to $ US 35 per person (Not advertised this way) for one of them and the other all the specialty items had an additional charge (However this was as advertised)

The rooms were nice and big, and the view great.

The beach was very corse sand, and often rocky and hard on the feet.

We left 3 days early and the manager offer a 5 dollar per room per day discout for all the problems, needless to say MasterCard and I had a very different idea on what should be paid, after Barcello was rude to both myself and my bank! - ZERO!

Author E-Mail: [email protected] Review date: 01/12/2002



I got invited to Barcelo capella resort, at the time to check in was a mess, there were having problrem locating the reservation. after we got the key we went inside, we were a group of 10 ppl including children. the rooms were big and clean, the restaurants have a big variaty of food, it was beautiful, open bar by the pool until 12 am, discoteca, beach, free towels, what can i say the staff were very good. Im planning to go back this September for my daughter 16th birthday> I will recoomend it to anyone.
Author: Moniquie Posted at 18:13 08/29/2010
Absolutely the wost experience ever. STAY AWAY EVERYBODY.
Author: berit berntzen Posted at 15:59 04/9/2010
this hotel was great for the money,the rooms were very clean,staff very complaints!!!
Author: alexandra Posted at 15:54 02/11/2008
we just returned from Capella and I would not recommend to anyone. The food is terrible and my child got sick from it. The service is bad and it's hard to find any staff speaking english. The AC is LOUD and the room smells. The beach is ok and water isn't so clean. Its a waste of money.
Author: nancy Posted at 10:37 02/25/2007
Do not get married at this resort the wedding coordinator is an idiot, a thief and a liar. This resort is completely unorganized and a disaster for anyone trying to plan an event. If yiu have any issues arise during your stay do not expect a maid, mechanic, guest service manager or a boss to help you with anything. This resort is in need of a lot of help.. I would strongly suggest going elsewhere.
Author: angry bride Posted at 15:45 01/12/2006
We went to the Barcello Capela last November, and it was highly impressive. I thought the rooms were large and clean, drinks were good and the food quite good. The only problem with the food was that it was never hot. The only time we had hot food was when you had pasta which they cooked whilst you waited. I thought the waiters and waitressers worked very hard and were very pleasant even though their english was very bad.

I became ill before we came home which the doctor said was a virus. I do not think it was the hotel food.
Author: Suzanne Kirkwood Posted at 5:54 09/25/2005
For my first vacation ever, i decide with my fiancee to go to Barcello Capella Beach Resort. OH MY GOD!! the worst nightmare i ever had. The AC never work, the TV neither, i live in PR and i can call my family because the telephone never work, the food iach!! mosquitos, and all of fly insects over the food... The bedroom always had this smell, like fish. Only one good thing, the staff of the hotel was the most nicest people that i never meet, they always "try" to help us.. but... anyway, if you want to go to a special place, please believe all these reviews, i read it and dont' believe what they said, but ITS TRUE!! Barcello Capella is the worst place....
Author: Yamil Posted at 10:14 07/28/2005
worst place ever!!! 5 stars not in a million,service sucked would never stay at any place starting with barcelo. go to the coral hamaca in boca chica. best service and entertainment.
Author: alex Posted at 16:58 11/15/2004
Do not go here it is the worst hotel in the country. The room, the food, the staff, the beach, hell every thing about this place sucks!!!!
Author: Dean B Posted at 18:06 11/3/2004
Run! Run! Run!. This resort has no business in the Hotel/Resort Sector. I had my wedding there and the resort was a million times more disorganized then my college dorm room. They tried to double charge us on everything. We had to speak with the Hotel Manager everyday. The night before we were to check out we cleared up a charge of 98,000 peso (double charging once again) and was told we were all set for our check out, which were checking out @ 5am. When we checked out they found a new charge of 62,000 peso which they tried to make us pay, but we had all the paperwork which should our account blanace @ 0. Beware of the reception desk that where the problem is...........
Author: Pete & Noemi Posted at 14:48 09/24/2004
My sister and I went last March and had an amazing time. We were tired from work and needed to relax and enjoy the weather. The service was amazing, the people were very friendly and honest. The food was amazing...we ate so much....the selection was excellent and the quality was great. The grounds and pools were immaculate and the shows and bar were lively and fun. Overall, we were both impressed with the resort and had a wonderful experience. I would definately go back again!! 5 star rating!!!!
Author: S and J Posted at 16:32 09/6/2004
My sister and her husband just came from the Dominican Republic and stayed at the Barcelo Capela and they had told me that they had a wonderful time there. I have to go with my husband and the referred the resort very much!

They told me about the great service, the food, the disco, and the swiming pool. They were pleased with the staff very friendly and above all, they refused any tips the guest want to give them.
Author: Sarah Posted at 14:12 08/15/2004
Well my son & I spend the most relaxing vacation ever @ the Barcello Capella in Dominican Republic the food was good, the staff very friendly and helpfull, the view & rooms excellent. I would reccomend this resort to anyone
Author: Mary Posted at 14:54 06/6/2004
This is not a 4 plus hotel. Became ill from food and drinks. Rooms leave much to be desired. Be prepared to wait if you want anything done. I would not recommend this place to my worst enemy.
Author: Cris Posted at 21:10 02/26/2004
Author: Viviana Posted at 21:24 02/3/2004
My friends and I spent the best time of our life in the Barcelo Capella Beach Resort.
Everyting id perfect, the room, the restaurant, the animation..
Don't liste those peomple who wants always more. The hotel gets the five its 5 stars...
Author: Sophie Renard Posted at 11:46 10/21/2003
we are going on feb 1st 2003....let you know when we get back... already paid.
Author: gus and giorgena Posted at 21:57 01/27/2003
Stay away from any resort that starts with Barcello. Just had the most miserable week of my life at the Barcello Solymar in Cuba. The main desk was run like a government agency, not a 5 star hotel. Drinks were inconsistent, sometimes orange and pineapple not available. And my wife couldn't get a cup of black tea. A 5 star hotel. I went to Cuba to have a good time, not to eat like a Cubanb. The food was disgusting, overcooked and I suspect, refied from the previous day.
Want a great place to go. The RIU Playacar in Playa Del Carmen. That place is fabulous. As far as favourable comments are concerned re Barcello, wouldn't be surprised if they came from the front desk of the head office.
Rating: Disgusting.
Author: Ted Bannister Posted at 8:40 12/22/2002
My family and I have spent the most exciting vacation in our lives at Barcelo Capela. The services are excellent, the food delicious, the staff very professional and nice, trying to do their best to satisfy the clients. The facility is extremely beautiful.
Author: Elsa Green Posted at 11:06 11/5/2002
horrible. horrible
Author: booga booga Posted at 13:50 09/10/2002
My family and i all went to Barcello and we had a great time! Entertainment and staff all very good! Great beachfront and view! Loved the rooms!(free pepsi everyday) Not a bad price, and although they did always have the same food it was very good and quite filling! pluse the Disco everynight was stellar!
Author: Kariltin Harrison Posted at 14:20 04/7/2002
i am sorry, for that comment
Author: Do You Really Want to know?? Posted at 15:21 01/21/2002
I hated this place, i am going to sue you for food poisening my child, that is now in the hospital for severe stomache aches!! I can't afford the care she is being given!
Author: Do You Really Want to know?? Posted at 15:20 01/21/2002

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