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Punta Cana Beach Resort

Rating: Horrible Phone: Website:
Location: Southeast Coast Fax: E-Mail:
City: Punta Cana Contact: Value for money: Horrible
Food: Average Decor: Average Service: Horrible
Never stay at the Punta Cana Beach Resort. Among the many problems there:
1) the door locks do not work at the bungalows.

2) even though the pool lights blaze away, they do not allow nighttime use of the pool.

3) bungalow I stayed at had no curtain for the shower's glass wall. Any one walking by could see me shower. Staff pointedly refused to bring one.

4) lunchtime buffet not open on certain random days, with no warning.

5) Staff "kidnapped" me when I requested golf cart service to the highway. instead of taking me where I wanted to go, I was taken to the front desk where they insisted I pay for phone charges despite the fact I was staying at the resort for another week! Remember, this is the same group of idiots who did not have the decency to bring a curtain for the shower's glass wall!
And 90% of the phone charges were when I was charged for using a toll-free line.

Other problems. This resort has a scam where someone supposedly owns the mini-fridges in the breezeway area for the bungalows. When one checks out, this person fraudulently claims you have used the sodas and snacks they placed there. Naturally, the resort staff assumes this shyster to be right and you to be wrong.

Perhaps word has gotten out about the Punta Cana Beach Resort, had about 10% capacity used when I was there, practically deserted.

Author: Annonymous Review date: 01/17/2002



Has anyone Stayed at this resort recently???? Please let me know how your experience was. Did anyone Scuba dive at Punta Cana Beach Resort ?
Author: Mae Posted at 14:36 09/18/2010
u gave problems to ur beach resort. but never gave solutions.What possible solutions do u think is the best to adopt.mailing from nigeria.
Author: frank ezulike Posted at 10:38 05/27/2008
A disgrace!
Author: Lila Posted at 9:44 08/29/2004
Have no RECENT tenants stayed at your facility and made comments0?

All of the comment I read on your Website are "old" (by about years!)

Thank you!
Author: Carmela Posted at 19:41 03/2/2004
GOOOOOOOOO PUNTA! holla at the dtown girls we love the DP!!!
Author: CClass Posted at 12:48 12/4/2003
Very poor place for a vacation. Imported white sand beach both short and quite narrow. Resort staff surly. Word is obviously out, visited other Punta Cana resorts, ALL were packed except for the down-n-dirty Punta Cana Beach Resort. Am aware of someone who also had a credit card problem with Punta Cana Beach Resort.
Author: rob Posted at 13:54 05/31/2003
We returned to this resort this January as we had so enjoyed it 2 years ago. We had a fair time, not as good as the first time, but found lots of things lacking, mostly other tourists! We got home and found our Credit Card Number had been stolen! The only time it was used was at check in! Don't think I'll return there!
Author: Judy Posted at 16:23 03/26/2003
With its divine waters and breathtaking scenery, the Punta Cana Beach Resort truly made our stay in DR an unforgettable one.

The staff there is amazing!! They will do anything they can to make your stay a pleasant one. I can't even begin to tell you how much I love this place.

Their Entertainment Co-ordinator is multi-talented. The shows are great.

This exclusive property is truly a must see.
Author: nydia Posted at 21:07 10/4/2002
This resort was a wonderful experience for me. The fresh water lagoons were crystal clear and beautiful to swim in. You could opne your eyes under the water and see fish and turtles. Check out the ecological preserve on the grounds here!
Author: AmyG Posted at 18:05 09/18/2002
My wife and I stayed at this resort last April. We loved our vacation stay. We stayed in one of the bungalows on the beach. The food was very good. The staff was excellent. The resort grounds are expansive and never crowded. The beaches are beautiful. We would gladly return.
Author: Rob Posted at 15:29 04/10/2002

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