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Villas Doradas

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City: Puerto Plata Contact: Value for money: Excellent
Food: Excellent Decor: Average Service: Excellent
After staying in several all inclusive resorts all over the Carribean (Bahamas, Jamaica, Puerto Vallarta & Aruba) my family & I agree that this was the best vacation we ever had! Our only regret was that we didn't stay longer than a week. The food was delicious, Hotel grounds & rooms were kept very clean & the service was awesome. The people working at Villas Doradas is what made the trip better than the rest! Franky, Chocolate, Orlando & Nicole were the best activity staff I have ever seen! They went above & beyond the call of duty ensuring that we were always entertained even after they finished their work shift! We highly recommend Villas Doradas!
Author: Annonymous Review date: 04/14/2002



we went sept 04 found food very poor except breakfast was nice n omlettes wonderfull
rooms very substandard and not child freindly at all beds appx 100yrs old mattresses sick ening riddled with bugs thet nearly ate mi wife lol!! pools nice but not cleaned very well ...........the only thing that goes for this place is the staff ther were brilliant beahes great mi advice we wandered to victoria resort across way n found they were a 4 star hotel chargin the same price as villa doradas!!! my advice .........go there thats where we r fgoing next time lol the dominican people are wonderful its heart breaking to see the poor children like we did but they seem to have a few virtues we english dont like respect for us and each other there parents and most seem happy!! wondefrful country will live there given half the chance

Author: princess jules Posted at 15:56 10/10/2004
i stayed at the villa doradas last sptember but only for one night allthough i was booked in for two villa was dreadful very bare the a/c did not work nor the fan one man came to look he stood on achair to push the blades around still would not work no window in bathroom and the light would not work they never had a spare tube so i left and rented a apartment in souse when i checked out they wanted me to pay for two towels i told them i never even washed in their bathroom as it was to dark to see anything. but they where adament so i told them what to do with their towells
Author: mr e hughes Posted at 16:27 10/8/2003
The service was super cool! I loved the dominican maid that when above and beyond her duties expected of her....(even when off duty) if you know what i mean!! Best $5 dollars ive ever spent!
Author: Timotei Lima Posted at 17:34 06/21/2003
don't know what the people who posted the message on 31/10/02 were looking for, the island is steeped in poverty but this resort still manages to provide excellent value for money, you can do and eat as little or as much as you choose and the staff are marvelous....some people are never happy!!
Author: the kellys Posted at 10:59 02/14/2003
how long you been working there,minus 5 star you mean
Author: anon Posted at 12:43 10/31/2002

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