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Hotel Pinar Dorado

Rating: Above average Phone: 809-574-2820 Website:
Location: Central Fax: 809-689-7012 E-Mail:
City: Jarabacoa Contact: Value for money: Average
Food: Average Decor: Above average Service: Above average
This was basically a pleasant hotel. It is located in a lovely mountain area near the Rio Yaque del Norte. The rooms have air conditioning and cable television and the hotel is serviced by a generator to keep things going during the inevitable power outages. The staff is friendly and efficient. There is a buffet breakfast, lunch and dinner. The food is decent; you can eat outside on a patio looking out onto the pine forest. There is an inground swimming pool that is well maintained. It is located just outside the interesting town of Jarabacoa and is within striking distance of the many waterfalls in the region. It's maybe a little expensive for what you get, but I would not mind going back there again.
Author E-Mail: [email protected] Review date: 04/19/2002



My husband and I recently stayed at Pinar Dorado. We really didnt like it. I mean, it was ok I guess. The staff were friendly and helpful. The decor was kind of cool. But the rooms are very small. The air didnt work the first day. The lights in the hallway were broken and blinking which made unlocking the door very difficult in the dark windowless hallway. The beds were uncomfortable and made a big sound when we sat on them. The TV had no cable the first day. The balconies had no view - our first room over-looked a rooftop and the second over-looked the parking lot. The balconies also only had one chair....we took turns sitting... We asked if we could pay more and be upgraded (it was our honeymoon!) but they said all rooms are the same. The food was average, not bad. The pool was a huge disappointment. VERY buggy. Im talking, piles of dead bugs collecting here and there. The pool chairs were awful. Hard plastic. And, if you dont leave the hotel, there is nothing to do or look at. Just a fenced in little acre of grass and hotel. But for $10 more, you can stay at an AMAZING hotel, The Gran Jimenoa, which sits atop a white water river with a great restaurant jutting out over it. BEAUTIFUL garden and landscaping and fantastic rooms. We canceled our last 2 nights at Pinar Dorado and moved to The Gran. We chose Pinar Dorado because it was within walking distance to town. But a motorcoche from The Gran to town was only a couple dollars for both of us. And it was fun.
Also, we had a TON of problems with the Rancho Baiguate hooking us up with activities to do. The first day they were an an hour and fourty minutes late (they FORGOT to pick us up). The hike was on a dirt road that curved around through a high-income neighborhood in the mountains. No woods. No river. The second day we had to wait 45minutes and they had lost our reservation. The mountain bikes were pieces of crap (the guide tried out EIGHT in the parkinglot before finding 3 that worked). And NO HELMETS. The so-called different trips you find on their website and can reserve do not exist. Each time we arrived they would say "so, where do you want to go? how far?" Like we had any idea where to go or how far things were. I brought up the trips on the website - they didnt understand.
Iguana Mama was the exact opposite of the Ranch.....perfectly on time for all FIVE of our trips with them. Great equiptment. Very knowledgable.
Author: Pinar Dorado Posted at 14:13 07/9/2008
If you want to see a video from Pinar Dorado and Jarabacoa just click here or copy and paste in your address box
Author: Pluty C. Posted at 9:41 04/10/2007
Hello! Im from New Jersey and came to visit the dominican republic as a vacation. When we decided to go to Pinar dorado in Jarabacoa, it was one of the best decitions weve ever made. It was an unforgetuble expirience becasue of how well the people treat you. Its the Best! Thank you dominicas fro make it so pleasent.... Its something ill never forget!
Author: Alicia Posted at 1:49 12/23/2002

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