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Catalonia Bavaro

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City: Punta Cana Contact: Value for money: Above average
Food: Above average Decor: Excellent Service: Excellent
After reading [email protected], and their comments on the Catalonia, I felt compelled to write a review. I stayed at the Catalonia, booked through Apple Vacations, last June. Upon Arrival, the Dominican people and the apple vacations representatives were outstanding and friendly. It was pouring rain when we arrived at about 8pm. Check-in was quick and courteous. The entrance alone to the Catalonia is breath taking. Marble decor, with huge fountains and gardens. Very upscale appeal. B/c the resort is so big, you are taken by golf cart to your rooms with your bags. It would have been fine if my bag didn't fall of halfway down to my room, but the workers were courteous and went back to pick the bags up. Anyway, the beaches are beautiful...and I have been all over the Caribbean (St. Johns, Puerto Rico, St. Thomas, St. Martin (sp), Aruba, Bahamas). The water does not allow you to swim out too far as the first reviewer had said...but enough so to go in and get submerged. If you wanted to swim, you had to go over a little past the outlined area...we did and it was fine. That is what most of the islands are like, its not the east coast atlantic you know. Anyway, the pool was awesome...huge yes, and it has an area in the middle surrounded by gardens, with a sitting area and jacuzzi jets, and another with a huge fountain to swim through. The pool bar was great. fully stocked, loved the coco locos...The service was great for us, the turn around on drinks was really quick. The bartenders are really friendly too. There was a lot of daytime entertainment to take part in and several beach activities, even for kids, even though we didn't see any there (we went b/4 school was out). The food was good...not excellent, however, better than the reviewer b/4 me had said. The Italian restaurant was poor, but this is coming from an italian who is always eating italian, so if you are going to rate it according to that, yeah, it was pretty poor. However, the Japanese was excellent, the French was very good, and we didn't eat at the Brazilian b/c we were told it wasn't worth the wait. Otherwise, the buffet restaurant was pretty good, very nice atmosphere...the very good for the buffet breakfast (the potatoes they have are mashed with cheddar cheese and some other stuff...and the rest of their food eggs, waffels, etc were pretty standard and good. The evening buffet was never the same, however, it had some things we just didn't want to touch, just b/c we don't like to experiment when we are in foreign countries with limited medicine. But, there was more than enough of a variety to chose from. The best things to do in the afternoon are to go and get chicken from the snack bar style place at the pool. Even though you wonder where these chickens are coming from (b/c there are chickens running around the grounds of the resorts sometimes) it is probably the best chicken we've ever eaten, even the birds liked it (really, it's mean, but it really is funny to feed a chicken some chicken). The club at night was fun, tip the bar tenders sometimes, they'll make it worth it (I guess so you don't have to wait in line) Otherwise, if you feel you are waiting this 20 minutes like the other person who wrote the review claimed, go outside to the lounge and get drinks. The lounge is very nice and cool. Marble and wood decor, nice couches and chairs and tables, right near a fountain and water. Beautiful...During the days, you can also take a break from the beach by stopping in the mini mall attached to the resort, some very nice shops.. Catalonia is like a little town with everything you could need to relax and enjoy yourself. If you make the trip to the dominican republic, go on the trip to Saona Island...It is amazing, but bring your drinking and dancing shoes...and your wallet..They trip is about US$85 per person. However, it is a trip you will always remember and takes the entire day, about 12 hours. You go out on speed boats, stop in the middle of the ocean for a dip and drinking, and then continue on to the island for a day of fun and relaxation...then its off for a sunset Katamoran (sp) trip back to Punta Cana with music and dancing on the boat. I am going back this year with my fiancee...It is that much of a good time... if you have the means of booking through apple vacations, do it. Last year, we did the Catalonia for less than US $1,200 per person with air and all inclusive. This year we are using apple again and for the 2 of us, it is US $1500 to stay 8 days all-inclusive, including airfare, staying at the Riu Naiboa. Not as nice as the Catalonia, but, it is still nice and we needed to save money b/c we are getting married next year. Good luck and happy vacationing. Be careful not to base your vacation on another person's review. Just think of who is writing the never know. Everyone has different experiences on the trips, about 3 out of the 12 people we went with got sick a couple of days. So, in turn, they didn't love it...but still liked it.. We didn't get sick, so we loved it.
Author E-Mail: [email protected] Review date: 05/6/2002



good report - Me and my girlfriend are travelling to the catalonis this september.

We are looking forward to it, but are very worried about the weather!

Hopefully being september we will still get nice sunshine and not tooo much wind!
Author: bobby Posted at 5:57 07/9/2008
Really enjoyed your report... thanks for sharing. We're getting ready to head out on a company (customer based incentive trip) for a week. The offsite excursion sounds like a must do!
Author: Zach Posted at 21:48 01/24/2006

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