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La Jaragua Hotel and Casino

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First I want to say that the Jaragua Hotel and casino is beautiful! But, when you go there you have to give them a credit card for " possible damages" even though you have paid in advance.

When I went to the Costa caribe in Juan Dolio, this wasnt necessary.
They lied to me when I told them that I didnt want to give them a credit card, they told me that the travel agency didn't pay for the room , that they didnt forward the money for the room, This was a huge Lie because they just wanted to force me to give them a credit card, and get this, they "Block" a certain amount from the credit card and after you check out, it takes 5 days for it to be unblocked. Why? why does it have to take so long for them to return your money? It only takes a split second for them to take it out of your account.They made me feel so humiliated that I didnt leave my hotel room for one whole day!!!!! Also my room was so far from the action !!!
I had to walk through the lobby, past some of the stores in the hotel, go outside, walk along 2 different walkways , enter the building again and then go to my room.

Would I go again? Only if I didnt have to pay for it.
Author: Annonymous Review date: 07/13/2002



I went to the Casino one night with some friends and ordered at the bar a glass of Presidente beer. When the bill came, they charged us RD$500 for it! One glass of local beer - RD$500!!!

I demanded to see the manager and he said that is the price. I ended up taking RD$500 out of my purse and throwing it in his face.

The manager then had me stopped at the door (I am a woman) and wouldn't let me leave the building.

In the end I screamed up a storm and forced my way through the security guards.

I will NEVER step foot in the Casino again.
Author: Sanation Posted at 16:52 10/30/2008
I never had to pay for the gym. However they are always short of towels, and the very few that they have are vey very oooold.

I never had to pay for swimming. I always found a great place to be swimming without kids
Author: Luis Bastidas Posted at 19:08 05/27/2005
I've stayed at this hotel numereous times while conducting business in the city. Never a problem and I frequented the Casino and Disco. If you don't want to pay the cost of dining in the hotel I've eaten at the local open air restaurant across the street from the rear parking lot. I also recommend Vesuvio's Italian restaurant down the Malecon a ways. To me this is not your vacation hotel, but your business hotel when you stay in Santo Domingo. I can't wait to return...planning a trip now!
Author: Jim Posted at 20:45 03/3/2005
Author: Been there, done that. Posted at 10:45 09/2/2004
The disco charged me RD$250 or USD$10 admission-- open bar. Disco patrons are young. Expect 18 - 25 year olds. Marriott Elite members enjoy continential breakfast in 10th floor concierge free of charge. Buffet in restraunt is reasonably priced. Made to order eggs. Fitness center and pool are free of charge to registered guests.

Low class prostitutes are kept within the casino or casino bar. You will not find them in the Champions sports bar or anywhere else in the hotel. Even if they are accompanied by a registered guest. Security will not allow them in the elevators. (In case you are wondering, I watched a man get harrassed by security for trying to take one of these girls back to his room).

All I can say is that this hotel must have made some changes since 10/4/2002. They even applied a fresh coat of paint to the water fountain displays and visible portions of the roof that could be seen from your room.

An excellent place to stay. I recommend the tower rooms rather than the garden rooms. I have stayed in both.
Author: Dan Posted at 9:38 02/22/2003
I paid $ 110.00 taxes includes in July, and the price is always available. Buffet breakfast included and it is false you have to pay to use the pool. Always received a good service.
Author: Carlos Posted at 1:37 12/10/2002
The hotel is a disaster. Besides taking your credit card in advance for "extra charges", it is high priced for nothing (U$S145 only for an average room).

If you go to the disco, you have to pay.
If you have breakfast, you have to pay.
If you go to fitness, you have to pay.
If you go to the swimming pool, you have to pay.

On the other hand, at nicht, the hotel is sorrounded by low class prostitutess (inside the hotel !). Deplorable.

I am trying to get another hotel (I planned to stay here 5 days, but no way).

When I return to my offices I will ask to exclude this hotel from the corporate hotel list... (corporate ???)
Author: ivan Posted at 7:54 10/4/2002

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