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Sosua Bay Hotel

Rating: Excellent Phone: 809 571 4000 Website:
Location: North Coast Fax: 809 571 4545 E-Mail: [email protected]
City: Sosua Contact: Juan Francisco Emiliano Value for money: Excellent
Food: Excellent Decor: Excellent Service: Above average
I just returned to France after a 2 week holiday at the Starz Resorts, Sosua Bay Hotel in Sosua, Dominican Republic, and had to comment on the resort after the bad impression I got before going on holiday from reading your review which today I belief in TOTALLY MISLEADING, and INCORRECT.

I had originally a reservation made at LTI sol de Plata, but due to the hotel being under refurbishment, I was offered and accepted the Sosua Bay Hotel or the Victorian House by Starz Resorts.

To my astonishment, I was recieved by Hipolito the Bell Boy, Welcomed "HOME" and led to a magnificient reception. On check in I was given a cold towel and offered a Lemonade or Cold tea.

I was accompanied to my ocean front room, which actually is REALLY OCEAN FRONT, unlike many other resorts, on the way I met several employees and was impressed as ALL of them steped to the side as we passed and with a caribbean smile greeted us good after noon.

Dinners were being served every night at the Sabatini Restaurant, El Patio Grill and at Las Olas. On the weekends El Bahia Buffet restaurant was also available. The food at all the restaurants was incredible and the drinks at the bars were all International brands and Santiago "el chino" makes the best martini I ever tasted. The Wine List was out of this world also. we drank Chateuneuf de Pape (White) and Sancerre de la doucette and a beautiful St Emilion (Red).

Another thing I was impressed by was the service at the Pool. I was led by a charming waitress, if I remenber properly her name was Sandra, to a chaise longe and given glasses of iced water with lemon, which were refilled continually. Waitresses circulated with trays of fresh fruit, cold towels and cold water spray bottles to keep us cool in the hot caribbean sun. IS this service or what??

Another small thing that impressed me was that when my husband noticed that we had forgot on the plane on the way to the resort our toothpaste and requested the item from front office we recieved it within 5 minutes in our room.

Sorry to disappoint you but this is a 5 star service hotel and will not hesitate to recommend it to any one. Besides I was informed that the hotel was opening officially only in December and this was only the pre opening.

Another last thing, I met a canadian women who represents Energy 2 Go and she was the Aerobics and Yoga instructor for the resort. I was explained that a profesional instructor from the States, Canada or Europe is sent every month to offer these services.


Isabel Schuller
Author E-Mail: [email protected] Review date: 11/4/2002



I just read some of the comments that were written & I think that it is terrible. If they do not like this place, then don't come back. Leave room for people that DO like it. I would just like to say that we stayed at the hotel in Cabarete and enjoyed it very much.
We requested to stay at the same place the next year, but was unable to because it was under construction. We have now made plans to stay there this year & will continue to come back. We Love It!!
Author: Sindey Anderson Posted at 18:15 01/7/2005
My sister and I just spent a week at this resort from 08/1/03 to 8/8/03. We have to say that we had a fabulous time at this place. We recommend it to anyone. The food was superb. You cannot ask for better meals. Everything you could want is there. The only thing that we were not impressed with was how long the check in time was. It took an hour to check in. They accomodated us with cold towels, drinks, newspapers. The pick up time at the airport was perfect. The host from the hotel was there to greet us on time. One thing we did not like was the poor lighting in the entire resort. The room never had enough light to see yourself adequately especially when putting make up on. We suggest you go outside in sunlight in the back terrace and put any make up on, if you are lady that wears make up. The maid service was great and got even better when we tipped the maid two dollars american currency daily. We suggest doing this on a daily basis instead of tipping the maid at the end of your stay. If you have knee problems you will not like all the steps at this resort. They have some small elevators but you are forced to use the stairs frequently. The elevators do not go to every place. The exercise equipment at the place is nothing to brag about. You might as well just walk along the beach or jog for your exercise. You will not be impressed with what they call equipment for exercise.
Overall to us this resort deserves from four to five stars rating. It is great. To us they were very attentive if we needed any help. Feel free to e-mail me if you need any information.
Author: Damaris Posted at 9:23 08/10/2003

My wife and I stayed 8 nights (3/9 to 3/17) (6 at Sosua Bay and 2 at the Victorian House). Weather was fantastic and the resort was very nice! The resort is new and they are trying hard to please. Construction quality will surely lead to major repairs and replacements in the years to come. We would return to this resort. It will become more popular and more crowded as time goes on. There were MANY Canadians there. Many direct flights into Puerto Plata from 3 different airports in Canada.
FOOD: The buffet had a wide variety. Fresh pasta, various stirfrys, roasts, and vegetables each night. There was always some sort of flaming dessert made to order. Coffee, water and drinks are served to you. Breakfast gave you eggs or omelets cooked to order along with a variety of fruit, yogurt, cheeses, breads and other hot dishes. We only had lunch once at the buffet (the day we arrived). The other days we went to the Grill restaurant (12PM to 5PM) (located at the Victorian House (where they host Mexican Dinners each night). There you could have various sandwiches, salads, pizzas, and burgers served to you along with limited desserts.We had two dinners at the Italian Restaurant and on at the Mexican. Both were very good.. The last two nights we stayed at the Victorian House where they just added a "served" champagne breakfast (fruit platter, bread basket, eggs to order, pancakes or french toast to order). Very nice touch but only available if you stay in the Victorian House. Assorted snacks every afternoon from 4PM to 6PM along with tea (near the pool) (fresh made popcorn from 3PM).
BOOZE: The various bars always had friendly bartenders. Not top shelf liquor but good enough for "sweet" drinks. Presidente (sp?) beer always on tap. Bring an insulated mug to save trips to and from the bar. Only Pepsi products (no Coca Cola products). Near the end of the trip found the disco. It was quiet when we were there (before 11PM) but people tell me it gets going later on. There they do have top shelf liquor and it is included with your all-inclusive charge.
ROOM: Rooms are small. With two double beds, a bureau, a night stand and one chair there isn't a whole lot of room. The mattresses are placed upon wooden platforms (watch your toes). The room was always clean. TV works well (about 70 stations, many Spanish). No station listing available. When I asked they didn't see the need for it. Saw one room being cleaned where the pushed out the dresser and cleaned under and behind it. A refrigerator in each room is a new feature. They stock it daily with 2 bottles each of Pepsi, 2 7-Up and Presidente beer.. Bathroom is very basic. Ours didn't have a fancy light fixture over the sink (bare 60 watt bulb). Bath towels, hand towels and face clothes were fine. Since the room floor is all tile, it would be nice to have scatter rugs next to each bed to put your feet on when you get up.
POWER AND HOT WATER: Daily power outages were common. The resort does have a generator that kicks in after 10 seconds. It has to be hard on the electrical equipment (air conditioner and TV's) The power then switches off when the local power comes back on. Room lights and air conditioning are controlled by a credit card slot next to the door. They expect you to use your extra room key (which is inconvenient when each of you want a room key). Found that my AT&T Telephone card worked just like the room key. Hot Water was an issue every day except 1. Either there is NONE or it is luke warm. Mornings were usually better. If we had a major complaint about the resort, this would be it!
ENTERTAINMENT: Nightly entertainment was OK. The dancers are really trying. Lots of lip synching. Not much of the standard "noise" throughout the day you find at the larger resorts.
INTERNET: Free (supposedly limited to 10 minutes per day)(1 machine) Internet Access located in the Lobby of the Victorian House. There is access in town for about $4.00US per hour..
STAIRS: If you don't like stairs, you might not like this place. There are 78 stairs from the top floor of building 4 to the pool deck and another 20 steps down to the Atlantic. One Elevator services the main lobby, the restaurant level and pool level. There are some rooms on the level of the main lobby and the level for the pool that are accessible by the elevators. All others will require atleast 1 flight of stairs.
CLEANING AND MAINTENANCE OF RESORT: The resort is always clean. They built 2 shaded areas while we were there. On Monday morning there was a lot of paper "trash" washing up next to the rocks of the resort from all the locals who inundate the public beach each Sunday.
SISTER RESORT: The resort does offer free shuttle transportation to Cabarate Beach to their sister resort (6 days a week, not on Tuesday). This resort is not as nice as Sosua Bay but the beach is really great. Many wind and kite surfers. If you take the 8:30 shuttle you can't be guaranteed the first shuttle back. A taxi is only $7.00US.
BEACH: The resort only has a small portion of beach. There are enough chairs for the pool decks and the beach for everyone. If you want you may use the public beach but expect to pay for your chair and umbrella. You will have to stake out chairs in the shade early in the day. You get towel passes. I suggest putting something else (e.g. magazine with your name on it) on top of our towel when you select your chair in the morning. The towels are all the same color.
EXERCISE ROOM: The exercise room is a joke! 3 fairly new bikes (all not working) and 2 Universal Weight Systems. They need to spend some money here and get quality equipment. Open 8AM to 8PM only.
SECURITY: There are about 6 armed guards at the various corners of the facility. On Sunday saw security escorting 2 sets of locals out of the pool who didn't have the required bracelet (much nicer than the standard hospital type). It's a braided rope with 2 beads and a copper plate that says STARZ on it). It's tied to your wrist for your entire stay.
TRANSPORTATION TO AND FROM AIRPORT: If you are not with a tour group, reservations will make arrangements (through a local tour company) to pick you up and return you (for no cost). This is the tour company that provides various day trips to surrounding areas. A small tip was appreciated.
TIPS: Tips for the bar, restaurant, and room staff are pooled.
SHOPPING: There isn't a whole lot to shop for. You can walk the shops behind the public beach. Be prepared to offer 1/4 to 1/3 of the original price.
Author: Bruce - Boston Posted at 9:16 03/22/2003
My husband and I had a wonderful time at the Starz Resorts, Sosua Bay hotel. We were welcomed with a cold drink and cool wet towels. We were taken to our room quickly and with courtesy.
We arrived around noon so we had luch in the Bahia Buffet restaurant which was excellent. In fact we ate all of our meals there but one. In this restaurant they serve a bottomless glass of wine which is very potable.
Around the pool we were offered fresh fruit regularly by the very pleasant staff. We were very pleased to meet two young Canadian girls who are working there for the winter. They were always pleasant and made are stay just a little bit more delightful.

The food was always excellent and there was always something for everyones tastes.

I would not hesitate to come back, and I would highly recommend this hotel to anyone who asks.

[email protected]
[email protected]
Author: Terry Fellows-Gailling, Robert Giard Posted at 20:58 02/16/2003
We did not have a good two weeks at the Sosua Bay Hotel and we submitted a review but it has not been posted.
Author: lesley and Stuart Posted at 22:15 02/13/2003

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