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secrets excellance

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we just got back in december .we were forced into going to this hotel by APPLE VACATIONS !we had booked the barcelo palace .when we got to punta cana we were trans ferered to this 1/2 star hotel owned by who else, APPLE VACATIONS . WE LEARNED 2 THINGS NO SECRETS AND NEVER apple vacations anywhere.
Author E-Mail: [email protected] Review date: 12/10/2002



The resort was beautiful and service was excellant. The food was mediocre to Ok. There was only one good restaurant. If but for the food, I would be there again.
Author: linda Posted at 22:17 02/20/2005
The place was amazing I had a great time except for the catermeran tour which was horrible but the resort was the best I have ever stayed at in my life and I have been all over. The food was just OK but Don't go to the carribean for food goto new york or new jersey. I give the hotel and staff a five star rateing plus.
Author: Kevin Posted at 13:23 05/31/2004
I just got back from Secrets with my boyfriend and had the most amazing time. We even extended our stay. The people are so friendly, the food was delicious and you couldn't ask for better service. We went to the casino, we went was all great.
Author: Katerina - NYC Posted at 13:38 05/25/2004
The first time I landed eyes on the site, it was paradise. The rooms are beautiful, with own fridge, large tub and clean. The food was great, but very slow service, but isn't that what vacation is all about. I would suggest for them to have reservations at some of the more desired restaurants. Cover your face when they are spraying around the complex for bugs and make sure you save a chair for yourself and a raft, because they go fast. We visited the end of January 2004 and I would consider visiting again. Pratice swimming, because you are on your own. I would not recommend swimming to far from the beach. My husband and I almost drowned and there are no life guards. Our vacation there was definately an experience we will remember.
Author: Steve and Debbie Posted at 10:18 05/16/2004
The people that wrote these reviews must be on CRACK I found Secrets to be the most beautiful place in the carribean, what bugs they spay the beach everyday, and the people couldn't be nicer. check another site for reviews.
Author: Joe Posted at 18:00 01/29/2004
My husband and I went in late March -early April this year and are gong back in about a month. The locals that work there are very friendly and try hard to communicate. It Doesn't hurt to know a little spanish but not necessary. Food was great and not enough time to enjoy entire complex in a week! 5 STARS!
Author: Susan Posted at 17:39 08/22/2003
Stayed at Secrets in July, just got back, found that the bugs weren't that bad, service was SLOW!, and found that Dominicans are con artists, ALWAYS watch your back, AND NEVER play Super KENO at the Casino, no matter how many free chips they try to give you.
Author: Got taken Posted at 12:43 07/29/2003
I found the place to be, drinks were all great...bugs are bugs and they are everywhere but the Secrets store had a good repelent that we bought 2 days too late...but anyhow I thought it was wonderful and would recommend to anyone!
Author: Completely satisfied Posted at 12:03 04/28/2003
I went on my honeymoon to Secrets in March 2003 and we thought it was a beautiful resort and had a great time! The only complaint is that the staff should learn to speak English better. The food was great and activities offered were fun! I agree that other comment must have been a fake!
Author: Carla Posted at 14:34 04/18/2003
These have to be bogus reviews. Secrets is a fabulous place and whoever wrote those must have a problem with or be a competitor of Apple. Check Debbie's site for lots of great reviews of Secrets. I spent the best 10 days of vacation time in my life there-beautiful property, great rooms, food and service. The lack of detail in the prevous posts seems suspect to say the least.
Author: amy Posted at 20:31 04/8/2003
Me again, you should post a review at debbiesdominican reviews, I am sure other travellers would like to know aobut this.. We hated the fact we had no choice but to stay ther, it was so isolated and the bugs ate us ...
Author: CANADIANS Posted at 10:23 01/3/2003
We stayed at Secrets (when it was RUA) lst year,we had booked Sunscape,but they sent us directly from the plane right out to Secrets,Apple owns both places,we were furious,we did get some money refunded from our tour operator andtravel agent,if I book a vacation in one area, I dont expect to land at another resort an hour away, and told this place is better than Sunscape. rip off....
Author: CANADIANS Posted at 14:45 01/2/2003

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