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Tropical House

Rating: Horrible Phone: Website: http://www.tropical
Location: North Coast Fax: E-Mail:
City: Puerto Plata Contact: Diane Pellerin Value for money: Horrible
Food: Below average Decor: Horrible Service: Horrible
While I did not stay at this so called paridise in the country side, near a river. I did visit it when I gave some people a lift home. I cannot believe that some one would invite tourists to come from Canada to stay in such conditions. Not all web sites are accurate. Pictures can be deceiving.

the web site is nothing like what you get. the river is un swimable, most of the windows have no screens, (at night you would be eating alive, views of the apts show lovely views and nice surrounding, very misleading.

We heard horror stories from many people staying here, who we met on the Canada Day trip to Samana, put on by Tourismo, Tim Hall and Kim Beddal from the whale watching company in Samana. A great day!

most of the tourists we met have now moved out and found much better accommodations here in Cabarete and Sosua.

the most unfortunate aspect of this web site is that it implies that you can or they will help you find work. I have been told by a person working for Allergro that they were getting lots of people being sent to them from this place.

It states its a short distance from Playa Dorado with transportation. its not a short distance and the only transport is one taxi if your lucky. most moto concho's and taxis will not drive this road.
My friends and I found it a really bad road and I drive a jeep?

I think the web site is very misleading and would turn most tourists off the Domincan Republic which is too bad when many of us who have lived here for years try to make sure that everyone has a good view of the DR, and happy memories to take back to other Canadians.

I was also told that once the tourists arrived here the price went up.
Also there is no back up hydro support, or modern conviences.

Anyone who wishes to be in the countryside and in quiet natural surrounding and away from the hotels should check out the web site for "Rancho Nazdrowie" in Imbert, its absolutly beautiful and out in the country away from the crowds, not to mention that it has a really unique pool in a garden setting up on a hill, with an outside bar and grill. Great Chicken.

Milet is a great hostess, and good food, a really unique bed and breakfast atmosphere.
check out the jacuzzi in the kitchen. I love to go here when I can for a quiet relaxing day with my visitors for a day in the countryside.

Author: Annonymous Review date: 12/12/2002



Author: Sylvain Guillemette Posted at 1:40 06/20/2005
Also see the reviews for Sunset dream,munoz domain and suncamp.. It is all the same place, Diane Pellerin is just changing name when it is burning too much around her...
Author: Laura Posted at 14:37 02/8/2005
I recently stayed at Secret Excellence Resort in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. The quality of the food was very poor and the service was horrible, the wait staff hardly spoke english and the hour ride to the resort was a long bad experience the roads have not been mantained properly. The beaches were nice and the pools were clean but i was very unsatistfied overall for a five star hotel resort. IT was not worth the money you are better off going to Mexico. The night life sucked and the plays were for three year olds.
Author: greg Posted at 21:22 08/26/2004
Warning, dont go here.. The place is completely dirty, overpriced and unsafe. Be aware that Diane Pellerin have changed name to Sunsetdream apartments in order to attract a few renters, as the old name is not possible to use anymore.. People wont come.. Be aware...
Author: Sonny Posted at 10:24 06/14/2004
Author: Carina Sunesson Posted at 15:53 02/13/2003
I lived at tropical house. it is remote, unsanitary, and over priced. I would not recommend this place to anyone, it is dominicain republic at it's worst.
the web site is extremely misleading. not close to the beach, vertually NO transportation, no telephone available, and the offer to locate work for people looking does not exist. employment opportunity in this area is extremely limited, difficult to find, and pays poorly even by dominician standards.
I would not even consider tropical house to be anything close to a 'resort' - it is one level above camping.
be careful, this is NOT a place for young people or people of any age wanting to see the dominician republic.
Author: no name Posted at 21:11 01/28/2003

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