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Gran Ventana Beach Resort

Rating: Excellent Phone: Website:
Location: North Coast Fax: E-Mail:
City: Puerto Plata Contact: Value for money: Excellent
Food: Excellent Decor: Excellent Service: Excellent
For a first time ever at an all inclusive we were a little leary of all that we had heard but we were soon put to rest that it was all malarky as we have just come back from the best holiday we ever had. We stayed in the first building, which was just off the pool and right on the beach. Our room was imaculate, the view was spectacular and the service was excellent.

The food was plentyfull and really good, more so at the specialty restaurants. I found the Italian restaurant to be the best, their flameing steak dinner was so good.

We went in the ocean everyday, glad though we had brought our water shoes as they sure came in handy as in some spots you did run into coral. Had no trouble getting a lounge chair even later in the morning, and the towel thing, nothing to it..

Drink too was plentyfull (maybe too much) but did enjoy trying all their different drinks, do beleive that the Gran Ventana Special was my night our bartender did the Tom Cruise cocktail thing by throwing and catching and mixing drinks, it was quite spectacular.

We did a few tours, went to Sosau had a great time at the flea market. went to Puerto Plata with a guide and oh did the Jeep Safari trip too.

All in all it was a great holiday and we can't wait till next year to do it again..
Author E-Mail: [email protected] Review date: 12/15/2002



just got back from honeymooner from the gran ventana beach resort the food was great the best food i have had on holiday the pools was ok the swim up was a joke kids putting drinks in to the pool and no one saying any thing to them the quit pool was not quiet kids making lots of noise and no one said any thing to them it was not special enough for a honeymooner and the rooms wre no where like a 4 star hotel dont get me wrong we had a good time and the food was the best but you had to get up at 630am for sun bed what a joke the hotel had rules but they did not use them if they did it might have stop people from breacking the rules
Author: dave Posted at 15:54 08/24/2005
We arrived back from the Gran Ventana on November 16th (we went for a week). And we had the time of our lives! The Fun Team made the vacation so enjoyable! They were so friendly and we were really sad to go. I went with my parents and best friends family. my friend and I are both 17 and we had a hard time saying good bye to the Fun Team and they had a hard time saying good bye to us. It was an awesome vacation and I hope I see some of the Fun Team in the future and I hope we will be returning to the Gran Ventana
Author: Lisa Posted at 1:05 11/20/2004
Just arrived back from the Gran Ventana. What can I say, great food, wonderful staff (everyone said hello) fantastic site.The rooms, pool area, restaurants, beach, were so clean and tidy. The only drawback was the lack of evening entertainment (although they did try their hardest) We will certainly be going back next year.
Author: John Posted at 9:01 09/16/2003
Went in December 2003. Fantastic!!!! Would definately go back. Loved all the food. Stayed by the quiet pool - which most definately lived up to its name! Felt like we had the pool to ourselves. Beach is great. Did a few trips, would recommend them all, except perhaps the waterpark which wasn't the safest place in the world! However a few stitches later and a good measure of free alcohol everythings great!!
Author: Jenny Posted at 3:53 05/10/2003
We visited the Gran Ventana in September 2002. This was our first visit to the Dom Rep and we were that impressed we are going back in April this year.

We went with First Choice. The service from them and the hotel was great. We had problems with leaking air conditioning in our room and immediately that we reported this, they gave us three new rooms to choose from and a basket of fruit and a letter of apology from the Manager! I call that service.

We had no complaints concerning the food or service, in fact the very opposite. The Italian overall came out top.

The trips were quite expensive through First Choice but they were very well done. If you have to do any trips we would recommend the flight down to the south of the island to Senoa in a light aircraft. You also have a power boat trip, bar-b-que on the beach etc. Long long day but very worth while. The South was on that day MUCH HOTTER, so beware.

We would hightly recommend this hotel to anyone. Have a great holiday.
Author: Louise & Graham Crook Posted at 8:49 03/3/2003
a group of 5 women went here had the best time whole resort very clean
food for the most part was good could have been more seafood recommend the outback safari had the most fun
drink and food is plentiful would recommend the gran ventana to anyone who wants to get away from it all
Author: sandy pearce Posted at 20:42 02/3/2003

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